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Marine slaughtered

As you’ve probably heard by now, the predictably savage muslims holding Corporal Wassef Ali Hassoun have cut off his head. Backcountry Conservative has the roundup. Jeff does a fine job at a task I don’t envy.
After the Marines find and kill these vermin, it would be appropriate to find where they stayed in Iraq, leave no stone standing atop another, burn what can’t be moved, and then salt the earth.

UPDATE: Why “militants”? Can’t we at least call terrorists what they are?

UPDATE 2: Backcountry Conservative links to speculation that Corporal Hassoun might have been lured away from his post and into a honey trap.

UPDATE 3: More news is seeping out … now there are denials of Hassoun’s death, and the military has not confirmed it either.

UPDATE 4: Now the rumor is he’s alive and either “safe” or free.