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Jacobsen disappoints

I’ve read the Jacobsen follow-on opinion piece, and there’s nothing substantively new there. Frankly, I’m disappointed that this is turning into a subscription hunt (just read the italic print at the bottom of each page, and the intro on the WWS home page). Women’s Wall Street made it look like there was something worthwhile coming, but beyond some second-hand e-mail transcripts from pilots and one complaint letter to Congress from a flight attendants’ union official, we’ve got zip.
Where are the 14 Syrians? We don’t know.
What band were they supposedly members of? We don’t know.
Who booked the band? We don’t know.
Did they perform? We don’t know.
Where are they now? We don’t know.
Why are any Syrians allowed to enter America, much less fly on our jets? We don’t know.
Is Norm Mineta’s politically correct two-person “bag limit” still in effect? We don’t know.
What concrete steps are the TSA and the FAA taking to prevent the need for another Flight 93 passenger revolt? We don’t know.
America wants answers.

UPDATE: John Derbyshire is asking the same questions.