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E-guano from Minnesota

I just got an e-mail from the John Kline for Congress campaign. Oops, did I say “I just got”? Make that “we.” Sixty-three of us to be precise, all with military-related blogs, just got a personalized (ha!) message from our buddy John asking us to link to his blog and maybe even post his live feed on our sites.
Am I the only one who doesn’t like political spam, regardless which party excretes it into my inbox? Mr. Kline would get a much better reception from me if he didn’t start the “conversation” with a mass e-mail to sixty-three milbloggers … complete with an attached Word document.
I’m not angry, John. Just annoyed. Hang around the milblog “beat” awhile and get a feel for how it works before elbowing your way into the conversation. Next time, Congressman, try sending your message just to me, or at least have the minimal savvy to put all the recipients in the BCC line. Better yet, post some good original content to your blog first, not just three recycled op-eds. Heck, have some 20-something staffer studying English or Pre-Law write for you. Hey, President Bush uses others to fill his blog. And don’t drop unsolicited attachments in my inbox; you’ve got a site of your own, so just post it there and send me a link.
I don’t mind the occasional episode of link-whoring. I do it myself. But it’s best to find a blogger who’d be interested in what you’ve written. Try to be at least a little bit subtle. And don’t be pushy. Google the phrase “blog etiquette” and read posts like this one and this other one … or this or this or this.
Now, Congressman Kline, you’re in luck. I tolerate honest mistakes, and I’ve always liked the Marines, so I’ll toss a link your way. But please be a little slicker next time, so I won’t feel obliged to do this:

Now go post something original and interesting about the Coast Guard or Ohio or the war on terror, and I’ll link to it.