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Cause, meet effect

First, Islamists kidnapped Angelo de la Cruz, a Filipino man. Next, they demanded that all Filipino troops leave Iraq immediately, or the hostage would be decapitated. Philippine President Gloria Arroyo cowered, tucked tail and ran, and then added a $6 million ransom payment to sweeten the deal.
All this for one man. How surprising that communist rebels in the Philippines have noticed:

Taking advantage of the government�s changed stance against terrorism, the New People�s Army said it would not release the soldiers it captured until the government suspends all military and police operations in the Bicol region.

The word is out. If you’re a terrorist and you want easy cash, just kidnap a Filipino. Think about this: the Wahhabi doctrine that motivates Al Qaeda and many related Islamist groups is the official state religion of Saudi Arabia, where the locals hire large numbers of servants and workers from the Philippines. I’m glad I’m not one of the 600,000 Filipinos over there (update your wills, folks).
President Arroyo has preached about the root causes of terrorism being poverty and economic inequality. Well, Gloria, you’re about to have lots of opportunities to address those root causes yourself. Lots o’ luck with that Abu Sayyaf problem, sweetie.
Hat tip: A Small Victory