It’s funny how every theme the Democrats try to use for this election cycle keeps getting demolished by the facts. Did I say “theme”? I should’ve said “meme.” Here’s a brief list off the top of my head:

“Afghanistan will swallow our military whole.” It didn’t.
“America invaded Iraq unilaterally.” Nope.
“Iraq is a quagmire.” Not.
“We went into Iraq without a plan.” We had one.
“The Iraq war is a failure because Saddam is on the loose.” Never mind.
“Muqtada Al-Sadr will drive us from Iraq.” Then again …
“Bush is alienating our allies.” Doesn’t look that way.
“There was no connection between Iraq and Al Qaeda.” There was.
“The economy stinks.” Wrong.
“It’s a jobless recovery.” Oops.
“We’re losing manufacturing jobs.” Uh-uh.
“Outsourcing is hurting our economy.” Not so.

I’ll update it as more examples come to mind.

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  1. We gotcher “News” – raght chere baby!

    The Word for the Day is: “Birds of a Feather”. Flock ’em if they kaint take a joke. Oh, verra cool: Internet Cutie Michelle Malkin has a blog. And she’s even got the inestimably good taste to blogroll Misha. Heh….

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