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Iran’s about to get the horns

Nobody ever said the mad mullahs were smart. Today they’re proving their idiocy by confronting Britain:

Iranian state TV showed eight British sailors blindfolded and seated on the ground Tuesday, as Tehran said it would prosecute them for illegally entering Iran’s territorial waters.
The British government said the men were on a “routine mission” in the Shatt-al-Arab waterway that separates Iran and Iraq along their southern border. The Foreign Office summoned Iranian Ambassador Morteza Sarmadi to demand an explanation for the naval officers’ arrest.

Iran’s Arabic language Al-Alam television showed the sailors blindfolded and sitting cross-legged on the ground. Earlier footage showed them sitting silently on chairs and a sofa. Three were in British military uniform; five others wore military trousers and civilian T-shirts.
“They will be prosecuted for illegally entering Iranian territorial waters,” Al-Alam television said.
“The vessels were 1,000 meters inside Iranian territorial waters. The crew have also confessed to having entered Iranian waters,” the broadcast said. The distance is about a half-mile.

This is what’s known as “messing with the bull.”

UPDATE: The morons realized the foolishness of waving a big red sheet in front of a very angry bull. The sailors are free. Iran is returning their boats. I’m sure the rapid backpedaling by the bloodthirsty primitives was due to softspoken diplomatic warm fuzzies delivered by Foreign Ministry spokesmen in striped pants, and not due to the imminent threat of being rapidly converted from walking, talking humans into red smears on the sidewalk.