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C’mon, say it with me: “abortion”

Rich Lowry at NRO observes that for people describing themselves as “pro-choice”, uttering the word “abortion” is a rare thing indeed.

Oscar Wilde famously spoke so many years ago, referring to homosexuality, of “the love that dare not speak its name.” Today, of course, homosexuality shouts its name and affixes it to marriage licenses. But there is a new kind of open secret — “the right that dare not speak its name.”
In a June decision, a federal judge in San Francisco ruled the recently passed partial-birth-abortion ban unconstitutional. The right to abortion is as legally secure as ever, but its advocates have never been so apparently ashamed of the practice itself. If pro-choice advocates believe in the necessity and goodness of their position, one would expect them to say something like, “We support abortion — that’s A-B-O-R-T-I-O-N — so women can eliminate unwanted children.” Instead, they take refuge in the foggiest corners of obfuscation.
In April, supporters of Roe v. Wade held a rally in Washington in support of the right to abortion. But you would hardly know it. The rally was called the “March for Women’s Lives” — well, for the lives of women who aren’t very, very young. The word “abortion” was almost verboten among people who support the right to it.

This is nothing new (the linked essay is an Adobe PDF file), but it’s good to be reminded that the pro-aborts are the ones playing fast and loose with language and facts. Restoring meaning to the word “abortion” is a key part of the pro-life apologist’s task.

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