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9/11 Commission: “We’re winning.”

The next time you’re confronted by some lefty loon spouting off about our response to 9/11 “creating more terrorists”, tell them about the following story from about the 9/11 Commission’s ignored bombshell:

The Sept. 11 Commission has found that the Bush administration’s war on terror has severely impaired al Qaida’s ability to organize another spectacular attack against the U.S. homeland by capturing or killing the deadly terror group’s key leaders, drying up their financial resources and severely limiting their ability to “strategize, plan attacks, and dispatch operatives worldwide.”
The bombshell finding, buried at the end of the Commission’s Staff Statement No. 15, should have been hailed in the press as evidence that we’ve at least turned the corner in the war on terror – and may indeed have the enemy on the run. Instead, reporters have ignored this particular Commission finding since its release on June 16.

Need I say more?