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Why stop with gay marriage?

Hat tip: Frank Beckwith
Same-sex “marriage” is now legal in Massachusetts. Since the old definition of marriage, “one man and one woman”, has been thrown out in favor of “two men … or two women … or one man and one woman”, I have a question. If marriage is that easy to redefine, then how can anybody oppose stretching it further to include the following examples?
1) three bisexuals from two genders
2) one person who wants to marry himself
3) two married couples who want a temporary “wife-swap lease”
4) two brothers, two sisters, or a brother and a sister
5) an adult mother and son
6) a man who wants to add a second wife and a first husband
7) a man and his dog
8) a man and a girl (aged 17 years and 364 days)
9) a man and a boy (aged 17 years and 364 days)
10) a man and a boy (aged 13)
11) a man and a girl (aged 6)