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Hezbollah scared witless

Pigs must be flying today. Hezbolla has denounced the decapitation of Nick Berg.

In Beirut, the Hezbollah movement denounced the decapitation. “It will give [the Americans] more excuses to carry out uglier actions against the Iraqi prisoners,” the statement said.

Interesting change of policy. Here’s a recent story from Lebanon:

Because it was too risky to approach the fence, it was impossible to read a large billboard planted three feet north of the line. It faced south into Israel, carrying what was obviously a message for the Israelis alone. The border is, of course, sealed, so it was a month before I got a clear look at the billboard. It read, in Hebrew, “Sharon — Don’t Forget Your Soldiers Are Still in Lebanon.” The message was written under a photograph of a Hezbollah guerrilla holding, by the hair, the severed head of an Israeli commando.

Cowards. Give them no quarter.