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Hammer the NORKs

Alright, I’m really getting fed up with Uncle Kimmie in North Korea. Now he’s been caught helping Libya develop nukes. Pakistan’s disgraced national hero, Abdul Qadeer Khan, helped funnel stocks of enriched uranium hexafluoride from North Korea to Libya.
The linked article on al-Guardian’s web site tosses in this little bit of “news”:

The discovery by IAEA investigators does not reflect well on British or US intelligence, who spent nine months last year negotiating secretly with the Libyans to get Col Gadafy to scrap his weapons of mass destruction programmes. The bargain was sealed with a dramatic announcement. Col Gadafy lost his pariah status in return for surrendering his programmes and information.
The Americans spirited the nuts and bolts of the Libyan nuclear project out of Libya to the US, including the uranium in question, enrichment centrifuge equipment bought on the black market to refine the uranium to weapons grade, and a nuclear bomb blueprint.
But the news of the North Korean involvement has come not from the US or Britain but from the IAEA’s investigation, led by Finnish inspector Olli Heinonen, of the Khan network.

Gee, fellas, y’all are brilliant. Since the geniuses at the IAEA leaked the news about the NORK connection, and the US intelligence community (which has possession of the nuclear goodies, remember) kept silent, that must mean that we hapless rubes out here in The Colonies must be in the dark again, eh? We always leak our secrets, just like our betters at the UN, so our silence must mean ignorance. If only we’d given Hans Blix more time in Iraq …

Given that Pyongyang supplied Libya, investigators are worried that it may also have supplied other clients, possibly including terrorist groups, and that it could also have sold on a more lethal form of uranium.

Noooooo, ya think? Stalinist goons who feign outrage at the Axis of Evil label … and then lie about not helping terrorists??? I’m feeling faint.
Enough pussyfooting around. It’s time to really put the squeeze on the NORKs, if we’re not doing so already.