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And you thought an Instalanche was big?

We’ve got a traffic tsunami in progress here. Normally, I get between 300 and 500 visits to my site per day (according to Sitemeter). Yesterday I suddenly broke 6,000 … all from searches related to Nick Berg. I noticed that LGF was reporting a spike, and WizBang got flooded too. Backcountry Conservative is seeing the same thing, as are small dead animals and Single Southern Guy. I’ll post a snapshot of the blog traffic rankings for yesterday and today when TTLB updates the page to reflect the surge. At the moment, I’m on track to crack ~12,000 visits today.
Any ideas about the implications of this massive hunt for the Nick Berg footage?

UPDATE: It’s 3:15 AM, and Rantburg is down.
UPDATE 2: Paul at WizBang sees an opportunity to serve the public.
UPDATE 3: Instapundit collects the best highlights here.
UPDATE 4: Catallarchy has a thought-provoking post that ponders the impact on warfare of instant media coverage of events. Tentative prediction: it’s a good thing. I’m inclined to agree.
Adam at Single Southern Guy reflects on the traffic tsunami; no answers yet, but he’s digging. I think I’ll grab my hardhat and join in.
UPDATE 5: Seldom Sober writes an open letter to people looking for the Nick Berg video.