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American civilian beheaded in Iraq

Al Qaeda videotaped the beheading of Nick Berg, an American civilian contractor found dead in Iraq on Saturday. More as this develops.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Religion of Peace™.

UPDATE: It’s true. WizBang has a link to the video, but be warned … it’s hideous. If you’d rather just read a text description, try LGF.
UPDATE 2: Whomping Willow makes a key observation about the scum who murdered Nick Berg:

Which detainees were they wanting in exchange? Let’s set aside for a moment the fabulous propaganda they got out of beheading Berg and assume they did not do it just for that. Perhaps, um, some of their operatives were being held there? I’ve heard and read much since my initial rant regarding the abuse of the prisoners at there, which I denounced as vile and horrible. I said the soldiers responsible for that are just not good enough to wear the uniform. I still stand by that: we are better than that. But I am beginning to wonder at the identity and nature of those detainees. And I know I won’t know for awhile, if ever, national security and need-to-know and all that, but I think it’s important now to remember those detainees are not little bunny rabbits.

UPDATE 3: If you’re wondering why the media’s not showing Nick Berg’s murder but keeps showing Iraqis being abused in Abu Ghraib, Cox & Forkum’s latest cartoon beats any thousand words you care to pick:

The Good, The Bad, The Media

UPDATE 4: More news on the reaction to Nick Berg’s murder here.
UPDATE 5: For information on the beheading of Paul Johnson … click.