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Where are our heroes?

I just spotted “Why Are Victims Our Only War Heroes?” over at The author, a Navy SEAL Reservist and trial lawyer, thinks we’re celebrating our victims too much and our heroes too little.

Thus far, we have overlooked perhaps the most important image in our arsenal, that of the hero in war, and of his or her determination. It is an image we have failed to present adequately in our prosecution of this war. In earlier times, the American public could recite names such as Boatswain’s Mate Reuben James, Lieutenant William Cushing, Colonel Joshua Chamberlain, Sergeant Alvin York, Mess Attendant Dorie Miller, and Sergeant Audie Murphy as easily as they could their own home addresses. The individual heroes of the armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, however, generally are unknown.

That needs fixing.

The global war on terrorism will pivot on the resolve of the American public. The resolve of the American public will pivot on what is held up as worthy — about itself and those who fight for it. The images we use to tell the story will help America find its way through this conflict.

Sounds alot like John Derbyshire.

The Department of Defense does not maintain an Internet site for new recipients of senior awards for valor. If the personal security of the servicemembers is a concern, then the citations still should be released using noms de guerre.

Perhaps an e-mail campaign is in order …