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These American Muslims need to be heard

Stephen Schwartz writes of American Muslims who support the war:

Last week Nawab Agha, president of the American Muslim Congress — a group that includes many Iraqi Shi’as living in America — made public a “blanket endorsement of the United States government’s mission to ensure democracy in Iraq and of the United States’ continual stay in Iraq for as long as needed to ensure stability and democracy.”
The statement of the Congress (a group not to be confused with the American Muslim Council, backed by Saudi money via imprisoned bagman Abdurrahman Alamoudi) emphasized “the assumption that the United States government will work for the rapid Iraqization of the government at the earliest possible time.”
But the American Muslim Congress more forcefully stressed that its members are “saddened by the deaths of our servicemen and women in Iraq and the deaths of the innocent Iraqi people, including the children,” while they “believe that the United States’ continued presence in Iraq offers the best hope for democracy.”

Now that’s refreshing! Spread the word … the moderates are speaking up (and some are fighting back).