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Spirit Of America Update #4



So you say you need crass, materialistic enticements to get you to give to the cause? Never let it be said that we Fighting Fusileers won’t stoop to luring you with filthy lucre! Here’s your fix, you swag junkie. You know you need it …
Sondra is offering up a genuine Baath Party Notecard
The Ghost of a Flea offers up fancy cologne!
e-Claire has two items up for bid – her Freakin’ Fallujah Taunt Contest and those exquisite photos on the top of her site!
Aaron has patriotic stuff on offer!
At Cool Blue – the X-Files!
Misty has collectable books available!
Tritcale offers The Honorverse! Sci-Fi fans of Dame Harrington, take note! (Yes, it’s legal)
She Who Will Be Obeyed has another airline ticket available! (Does she travel too much, or what?)
Joanie is still offering genuine Da Goddess lingerie!

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