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Salt the fields in Fallujah?

Hat tip: LGF
Tammy Bruce over at FrontPageMag is putting out the call to raze Fallujah:

I�ll remind you of what it took to quell the beasts of Germany and Japan in 1945: complete and total destruction. There was a reason why we bombed Dresden into oblivion. There was a reason why Berlin was not saved. There was a reason why two atomic bombs had to be dropped on Japan after Hiroshima: they still refused to surrender unconditionally.

Let�s be honest here. The violent only understand violence. Gentility emboldens them. Kindness disgusts them. And it should. Even the barbaric have no respect for being handled with care. Even they know they should be destroyed.

For those of you conflicted, ask yourself, would World War II have ended more quickly if we threw up our hands and said, oh let Hitler have it! Yes, of course. And then what? The disease of Hitler would have metastasized to our homeland, replete, no doubt, with smiling German-speaking Frenchmen leading the charge. After all, so many Jews, so little time!

My only reservation is over civilian deaths. In the Hiroshima & Nagasaki attacks (and maybe in Dresden), mass slaughter wound up ending the war sooner and saving more lives in the long run. I wonder if erasing Fallujah with its residents is necessary to speedily crush Iraqi resistance and save our soldiers’ lives.
I’m wavering toward “yes.”