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More small nukes, fewer city-killers

The Defense Science Board is re-thinking our nuclear arsenal’s structure, and they want us to build more low-yield nukes.

Large, high-fallout nuclear weapons designed to obliterate cities won’t deter terrorists who might doubt that a President would use them in response to an attack.
Rather, the task force wants to see the U.S. nuclear arsenal expanded to include more precise, lower-yield weapons — especially those that could penetrate targets buried deep underground where conventional weapons can’t reach. The idea is to give a President the option of incinerating enemy weapons, leaders and command-and-control systems with as little damage as possible to civilians. Having the option of highly precise nuclear weapons with greatly reduced radioactivity would also make the threat of their use more believable to terrorists contemplating attacks on the U.S. or allies.

I love it. It’ll make the enemy soil themselves. Why not use small nukes? Talk about catching an Islamozoid’s attention!