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Let Fallujah join Sodom and Gomorrah

More on the Fallujah outrage from my earlier post.
Emperor Misha dispenses with the niceties and vents his spleen over the savagery in Fallujah yesterday. Although I stop short (barely) of advocating the death of every soul in the city, there’s a quote of his worth remembering.

[W]e need to approach Falluja and the Sunni Triangle the same way a surgeon would approach a tumor in a patient.
You can either cut out the tumor and incinerate it, or you can leave it in there and let the patient die.

Hear, hear! I propose dropping leaflets, followed 24 hours later by high explosives and napalm.
Peggy Noonan gets it, too. These cretins slaughtered four Americans who were bringing them food. So be it. Get word to the few good Iraqis in Fallujah who fight the terrorists and ask for ammunition instead of rescue … tell them “clear out, friends, Hell is on the way.” After the dust from the MOABs clears we can help them build new homes on the ruins of the city of savages who capered around the murdered corpses of our fellow Americans.