Last gasps of the Democrats

I just read Teddy Kennedy’s nasty speech from yesterday after hearing about it on the news, and something clicked in my mind. Here’s a sample of what Teddy spat:

We have lost the respect of other nations in the world. Where do we go to get our respect back? How do we re-establish the working relationships we need with other countries to win the war on terrorism and advance the ideals we share? How can we possibly expect President Bush to do that? He’s the problem, not the solution. Iraq is George Bush’s Vietnam, and this country needs a new President. [emphasis added]

Why are the Democrats so incredibly venomous and aggressive this election cycle? They’re acting like cornered dogs, lashing out at anyone in reach … and the sympathetic mainstream press still isn’t making them pay for their viciousness. I think this whole spectacle might actually be the beginning of the end for them. They aren’t strong; they’re desperate! Their formerly high-flying party is about to make a gigantic, smoking impact crater in November.
Read what Victor Davis Hanson has to say about how nearly-defeated enemies behave and then persuade me I’m off base (here, he’s comparing Al Qaeda to the Nazis):

What we have been seeing lately are its tentacles flapping about in search of prey, after the head has been smashed — still for a time lethal, but without lasting strength. We should remember that perhaps the bloodiest month for Americans in the European theater of World War II was not during 1943 and 1944 amid the invasions of North Africa, Sicily, Italy, or Normandy, but rather in January 1945, a mere five months before the close of the war, when GIs fought back the last bitter German offensive.
Likewise a mere four months before the surrender of Japan the United States began the most bloody campaign of the entire war at Okinawa, where almost 50,000 Americans were killed, wounded, or missing. The fighting, which killed the commanding generals of both sides, did not end until a mere two months before the surrender. What later is seen rightly to be last gasps at the time often appear as irrefutable proof of inexhaustible strength and endless war to come.

I’m not claiming the Democrats are Nazi-like, but the blind helpless rage sure looks similar, don’t you think?