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First an abortion on British TV, now on American radio?

Syndicated talk radio host Glenn Beck, a conservative pro-lifer, spent a major part of today’s three-hour show discussing his intention to broadcast the sounds of an abortion on tomorrow’s show, commentary-free. Basically, he’s calling the pro-choice bluff that says “it’s just a surgical procedure, nothing more.”
Although he’s known for masterfully-done gags and parodies, he’s also been known to get deadly serious for long stretches. I’m not sure whether this is a giant publicity stunt, or whether it’s real. How in the world does a conservative pro-life talk radio host find an abortionist willing to allow microphopnes into the clinic? What kind of woman agrees to her abortion being broadcast to millions?
I’m a pro-lifer’s pro-lifer, but I’m not buying this one.
If you’re interested in listening in, here’s how to find an affiliate that carries his show.

UPDATE: I was right. It was a stunt.

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