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Archbishop to UK Catholics: “The truth about abortion is too icky for you to see.”

And now for something … completely different. Here’s a silly church leader’s response to the BBC’s plan to televise an abortion:

The Catholic Church condemned the programme. A spokesman for the Most Reverend Vincent Nichols, the Archbishop of Birmingham, said: “Any film that shows an abortion is abhorrent to Catholics.”

Abhorrent, yes … but is it factually accurate? That’s what matters.
Graphic images cut through the overwhelming background noise of our busy, visually-oriented pop-culture world. There’s a reason that the local news channels lead their broadcasts with fires and car crashes: we’re wired to notice things like that. It’s proven beyond doubt that a similar approach works for the pro-life movement. Why else would abortion advocates recoil and complain so bitterly about our photographs of bloody fetuses?
I take it the good archbishop wants to keep Catholics blissfully unaware of the horrors happening daily in British abortion clinics, rather than risking any harm to their tender feelings. He must think his flock are literal sheep.