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Damra: “Links to Hamas? Me??”

Fawaz Damra, Cleveland’s leading Muslim cleric, just got the stiffarm after he asked to visit the United Association for Studies and Research, a group in Virginia suspected of having ties to Hamas. The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports:

Damra — prayer leader of Ohio’s largest mosque, which is in Parma — declined to comment Thursday about his travel request or the Virginia group. But in court filings Friday, he said he was unaware of any of the allegations raised by the prosecutors.

Unaware? Puhleeze! Either Damra’s gullible and foolish to tell the Feds he wanted to go chat with the gents at UASR, or he’s got big brass ones. I think it’s the latter.
Terrorism expert Steven Emerson says “The United Association for Studies and Research is Hamas’ strategic arm in the United States; its leader, Ahmed Yusef, has called for the annihilation of Jews.
I’ll be watching this story develop.