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Break out the jackboots: uppity Baltics dare to defend themselves

In an effort to mount some semblance of an actual airborne military presence, the three Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania recently invited NATO to bring fighter jets to their airspace for patrol duty. Since these three nations will soon be joining the alliance, the big bear next door is getting grumpier.
Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Yakovenko was quoted as saying

“It is a pity that NATO overestimated the situation in the region where a security threat is absent, thanks to Russia’s unprecedented efforts among other things.”

Except for your tanks. And jets. And ships. And …
Russian Ambassador to Lithuania Boris Tsepov said

“Moscow would have to take adequate measures if NATO aircraft were based in Lithuania to defend the Baltic airspace.”

Who says Russia’s not a civilized, responsible state? I think they ought to take precautions, because those darn Lithuanians are always invading their peace-loving neighbors to the east. And don’t get me started about those warmongering Latvians and treacherous Estonians! I’m with you, Ambassador Molotov … uh, I mean Tsepov. Perhaps those Baltic upstarts can be “persuaded” to sign another “Pact of defence and mutual assistance.” We can’t have four Danish fighters near Mother Russia, now can we? They might interfere with Russian jets traipsing happily over Tallinn.