Ted Strickland still silent on pedophilia

The morning host on Cleveland’s blowtorch talk radio station WTAM, Bob Frantz, wants to know where Ted Strickland stands on pedophilia. Tom Blumer at BizzyBlog has been agitating for a straight answer from Strickland too, as has NixGuy.
Maybe Mike Trivisonno will ask Ted about it on the air during the “non-debate debate” this afternoon at 3 PM. I sure hope so.

Update: BizzyBlog helpfully provides an index as a jumping-off point for all of his Strickland posts. Helpfully enough, NixGuy has done the same.

Sherrod Brown’s weaknesses hit the Toledo Blade

Paul Hackett, the newly ex-candidate for Mike Dewine’s senate seat, had quite an interesting sackful of opposition research on his fellow Democrat and opponent, Sherrod Brown. How can I be sure? Hackett’s campaign dumped the information right in the lap of the Toledo Blade, which promptly published it.
The article illustrates how Brown is fundamentally weak on supporting our national intelligence efforts (which is no surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention). It won’t hurt him in the Democratic primary, but in the general election race he’ll get hammered as being soft on terrorism. Which he is.
Excuse me while I go crack open a celebratory bottle of Carlsberg beer.
More blogging:
NixGuy, who points out that Brown has such an impossible uphill climb in the general election that conservatives now have even better reasons to support Bill Pierce over DeWine in the Republican primary.
Hat tip: Hugh Hewitt

Objection to Electoral Vote

By objecting to the Electoral Vote count for Ohio, Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-OH) just made a very bad political decision. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) joined her, forcing the Electoral College vote certification to grind to a halt. Jones is up for re-election in 2006, and deserves to be tossed out of Congress on her ear. Boxer just won re-election this time around, so she’s obviously hoping the voters forget this when 2010 rolls around.

UPDATE: According to National Journal, which notably ranked John Kerry as the Senate’s most liberal member, here’s how Jones’ voting record stacks up since 2001:

2001 2002 2003
Composite Liberal Score 93 90
Liberal on Economic Policy 83 83 87
Liberal on Foreign Policy 94 94 92
Liberal on Social Policy 78 97 87
Composite Conservative Score 7 11
Conservative on Economic Policy 15 16 9
Conservative on Foreign Policy 5 0 8
Conservative on Social Policy 23 2 12

Read Jones’ profile on Project Vote Smart here.

UPDATE 2: Here are some of Jones’ favorability ratings provided by various liberal groups:

UPDATE 3: Well, would ya look at that

Correction: I misidentified the liberal Democrat Senator from California as Diane Feinstein. It was Barbara Boxer who joined Congresswoman Jones in subverting the Electoral College. After all, there’s a huge difference between Boxer and Feinstein. For example, um … gimme a minute … I’ll think of something …

Brief update from the trenches

Today I attended a three-hour training session for Republican election observers in NE Ohio. We hailed from Cuyahoga, Lorain, and Erie Counties (see map), and this was just one of three training sessions taking place today in NE Ohio alone. Although I won’t reveal any strategy or data that Democrats might find useful, I do have some interesting tidbits to share.

  • Pay close attention to news about Ohio’s new provisional ballots. Remember the dance of the hanging chads? To win Ohio without a court fight, President Bush must take this state by a wide enough margin to make all provisional ballots irrelevant.
  • The GOP expected no more than 300 volunteers at today’s poll observer training session in Westlake. Over 400 of us showed up, reportedly blowing away the attendance figures at a corresponding statewide Democrat confab hyped as a demonstration of their grassroots support. Keep in mind that there were two other GOP sessions in progress simultaneously, and you’ll begin to get a sense of the scale of our motivation.
  • We 400 observers are mostly average citizens getting involved in a campaign for the very first time. I saw plenty of retirees, college kids, housewives, small business owners, and accomplished professionals. Very few were experienced political operatives. All of us are taking Tuesday off to keep watch over the electoral process. We’re well-trained, we’re on rock-solid legal ground, and we’re motivated. Dear left-leaning friends: you’d be wise not to try any funny business. We won’t interfere in the election, but we’ll sure as hell catch you if you do. We know how to spot every trick in your playbook. You’ve gone a bridge too far, and managed to fire up more of the Republican base than in your worst nightmares.
  • Ohio law has permitted poll observers for something like 70+ years, but we’ve never used them and never challenged a vote … until the left forced us to react to their blatant intent to win at any cost. Feel free to thank ACORN, the NAACP National Voter Fund, MoveOn.org, America Coming Together, The Media Fund, George Soros, Peter B. Lewis, Senator John McCain, Senator Russ Feingold …
  • There are 78,000 GOP volunteers hard at work in Ohio. Young Republicans from out of state are knocking on doors (including mine, which is how I know) to get out the vote, and total political neophytes are burning up the outgoing phone lines at jam-packed local Bush/Cheney headquarters.
  • Democrats have filed lawsuits seeking to forbid more than one GOP observer per polling place. This is significant because many polling places contain voting facilities for multiple precincts. If the Democrat lawsuits succeed (as of 5 PM today the outcome was still up in the air), you’ll see polling places where a single overworked GOP observer tries to keep an eye on several precincts at once. That’ll be a situation ripe for exploitation by fraudsters.
  • At least one person tried to infiltrate today’s training session in Westlake by posing as a Republican who dropped in at the last minute to volunteer. His name wasn’t on the list and he couldn’t identify any references. He threatened to volunteer at the Kucinich call center unless we let him in. Odd threat for a “Republican”, eh? He left unhappy.
  • Infiltrating a political campaign carries stiff criminal penalties in Ohio. Mr. I-Love-Dennis-Kucinich ought to thank us for saving him from spending Christmas in the pokey.
  • Watch the Ohio poll results for a last-minute Democrat surge. Conservative SW Ohio and moderate Central Ohio report their results promptly, but heavily Democratic Cleveland always reports its results late in the evening and can tip the balance for the whole state. I’ll leave you to speculate about the reasons for foot-dragging by NE Ohio Democrats when they’re counting votes.
  • 20,000 Republicans turned up in Westlake last week to hear President Bush speak, and only two dozen lethargic Democrats managed to show up to protest. It’ll be raining hard in NE Ohio on Election Day. Rain discourages potential voters who aren’t motivated. Re-read all of the bullet points above and … you do the math.

Buckle your seat belts, folks. It’s gonna be a wild ride.

UPDATE (11/1, 9:00 AM): Thanks to a Clinton judge, we’re on hold. We’ll see what the 6th Circuit has to say.
UPDATE (11/1, 9:00 PM): Rock ‘n roll. Also, see Power Line for news from a blogger who’s an election lawyer in the trenches tomorrow (don’t miss their post on the limousine liberal Clinton-appoinrted judge we observers just thumped, too).

Watching TV on Election Night

Edison Media Research explains what to watch for on Election Night:

One of the aspects of Election Night viewing that people find the most confusing is watching the tote boards the networks display showing the vote with say, “31% of precincts reporting.” Your preferred candidate may be winning at that point, but the networks often do a less-than-adequate job of explaining which votes have been counted. In Ohio, for instance, Cuyahoga County (Cleveland) tends to report extremely late. So there is a chance one will see Bush leading in the vote count throughout the night, only to be eclipsed by Kerry at the wire as heavily Democratic Cleveland’s votes come in.

I’ll be coming home from poll-watching duty late, but I’ll have my nachos & beer waiting by the TV.
Hat tip: The Truth Laid Bear

Why libertarians must vote for Bush

In a sequel to my admonition to Democrats, today I take on libertarians. Here’s the text of an e-mail that my very libertarian Dad sent me last week.

From: Dad
Sent: Monday, October 18, 2004 5:45 PM
To: Puddle Pirate
Subject: FW: Patrick Buchanan Endorses Bush
This is truly depressing reading, almost as depressing as watching the debates. I have sent over $2,000 to various libertarian type republican candidates but can’t bring myself to send George $1.
The scary part is that I disliked dad enough that I decided “How bad can a Clinton presidency be?” and voted my libertarian convictions. I now teeter on the same decision point.
So what is the correct ethical choice — the candidate without a moral compass or the one without a brain?

Too late for terror to derail Bush

There’s just one week to go. Lately there’s been speculation about whether a terror attack might occur on American soil before Election Day, and if so, what effect it might have on the outcome of the presidential election. I’ve been mulling this over and I think it’s too late for any attack here to hurt President Bush’s chances. At this point an attack can only help him, and I think the terrorists know it. Let me explain.

Sanity returns

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit just restored common sense to Ohio’s provisional voting mess. You don’t get to vote wherever the heck you want. If you can’t keep your registration current, then stay home and let the adults vote.
Now if only we had a law requiring photo ID at the polls, I’d be much less worried about Democrat voter fraud.

Democrat voter fraud continues in Ohio

Good Lord, now the Dems down in Franklin County, Ohio are registering terrorists to vote.
When word of this gets out, the turnout among GOP voters in the Buckeye State will blow your mind. I’m a hard-core conservative so I’m already volunteering on Election Day … but if these outrageous shenanigans continue, my fellow Republicans will be willing to crawl through crushed glass while doused in burning gasoline to get to the polls.
Hat tip: Power Line

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Why Democrats must vote for Bush

My Democrat friends, you face a stark choice. One issue trumps all the rest this year: George Bush is serious about winning the war on radical Islam, and John Kerry isn’t. That’s really all there is to it.
European approval doesn’t matter if you’re dead.
Abortion rights don’t matter if you’re dead.
Restarting the Israeli/Palestinian peace process doesn’t matter if you’re dead.
Joining the International Criminal Court doesn’t matter if you’re dead.
Ratifying the Kyoto Protocol doesn’t matter if you’re dead.
Tougher environmental regulations don’t matter if you’re dead.
GLBTQ rights don’t matter if you’re dead.
Higher employment doesn’t matter if you’re dead.
More education funding doesn’t matter if you’re dead.
Affirmative action doesn’t matter if you’re dead.
Alternative fuels don’t matter if you’re dead.
Cheaper prescription drugs don’t matter if you’re dead.
Universal health insurance doesn’t matter if you’re dead.
Social justice doesn’t matter if you’re dead.
Once we defeat our common enemy, you can vote for Democrats without risking your life. But in 2004 a vote for John Kerry is a vote for appeasement, and appeasement never stopped evil men from attacking. President Kerry will retreat from our enemies, encouraging our enemies to attack us with renewed vigor and with far deadlier weapons than before.
A vote for Kerry is a vote for appeasement. Protect American lives. Vote Bush.

UPDATE: Here’s a sermon for libertarians.

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Kerry screws the troops again

President Bush just signed this year’s Department of Defense Appropriations Act, which appropriates $391 billion toward such worthy goals as more body armor, more armored Humvees, more ammunition, more fuel, more spare parts, and critical funding for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. The House passed the bill by a margin of 410-12, and the Senate voted “yes” by 98-0.
Take a wild guess who one of the two missing senators was. That’s right … John Kerry couldn’t be bothered to vote on funding our military. I hope some minimally competent reporter skewers him the next time he bloviates about supporting our troops.