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Ted Strickland still silent on pedophilia

The morning host on Cleveland’s blowtorch talk radio station WTAM, Bob Frantz, wants to know where Ted Strickland stands on pedophilia. Tom Blumer at BizzyBlog has been agitating for a straight answer from Strickland too, as has NixGuy.
Maybe Mike Trivisonno will ask Ted about it on the air during the “non-debate debate” this afternoon at 3 PM. I sure hope so.

Update: BizzyBlog helpfully provides an index as a jumping-off point for all of his Strickland posts. Helpfully enough, NixGuy has done the same.

Homosexual penguins “forced” into straight sex?

You’ve got to be kidding me. Thanks (I think) to The Open End for finding this.

Update: Gay activists have foiled the zoo’s “forced harassment through female seductresses.” Now the Humboldt Penguins are free to go gaily into extinction.
7/14/09 Update: Awwwww …