Deep Throat: Rehnquist?

I keep hearing the buzz that Deep Throat, the famous secret source for Woodward and Bernstein’s story that broke the Watergate scandal wide open, is a very sick man and is near death. Chief Justice Rehnquist was a Nixon appointee to the Supreme Court in 1972, and I think he was in the Nixon Administration before that. Rehnquist has cancer, and certainly looked pretty bad at the inauguration. Bob Woodward keeps saying he won’t reveal Deep Throat’s identity until the source dies.
Why couldn’t it be Rehnquist? I don’t think I’m out to lunch here. I recall somebody speculating that it was George H. W. Bush, but he looked hale and hearty at the SuperBowl this past Sunday. Until I hear of another sick Nixon Administration official, my bet’s on Rehnquist.

UPDATE: In the 1974 case of United States v. Nixon, the Supreme Court ruled 8-0 that the President had to turn over his secret audiotapes to the special prosecutor investigating the Watergate scandal. Justice Rehnquist recused himself, and everybody assumed the reason was his status as a Nixon appointee. Could the reason for his recusal be that he was Deep Throat? I wonder who Rehnquist’s law clerks were back then; they might know quite a bit.
UPDATE 2: The lefties at Kevin Drum’s blog are speculating. Looks like I’m not the only one pinning the tail on Rehnquist. So far, Google News has got zip for a query with Rehnquist “Deep Throat” … so far. PPK Blog thinks it’s the Chief too.
UPDATE 3: K-Lo wonders about Rehnquist, thanks to D Magazine‘s quoting Kevin McCarthy.
UPDATE 4: Great minds …
UPDATE 5: Beth’s on the Rehnquist train too.
UPDATE 6: Drumwaster thinks it’s Gerald Ford, but I’m not sure Ford was as much of a cipher as Drumwaster makes him out to be. There’s really no such thing as a low-profile VP anymore.