Did Rush just storm off the air?

Just heard something unprecedented on the Rush Limbaugh show. I think that was Mr. Snerdley the Program Observer who closed out the last segment of today’s first hour. I thought I heard him say that Rush got so ticked off by the last liberal caller that he had to go cool off. Hmmm … no dittocam feed, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

UPDATE: Yup, he did. He’s back now, warning his audience he’s on a short fuse. Uh, no kidding.
UPDATE 2: Here’s the segment with the argument, which I’ll gladly remove if Rush objects to my posting it. I’ll post Snerdley’s voice ASAP.

Hugh, I think you’ve lost this one

On Hugh Hewitt’s show yesterday, a blogger known as Sabretooth called in and challenged Hugh’s support for President Bush’s “guest worker” program for illegal aliens. Sabretooth issued a challenge and extracted a commitment of sorts:

I asked Hugh if he would be able to support the President’s guest worker program if it allowed legalized illegal aliens access to citizenship.
“I won’t like the program,” he said.

Uh, Hugh … with his post today, Sabretooth appears to have won the argument.
Hat tip: Michelle Malkin