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Convention wrap-up

  • Boing?
  • Here’s the President’s speech: watch it or read it. By contrast, Kerry’s midnight rally was shrill and off-kilter. Perhaps he needs some outside advice.
  • The newest job numbers from the Labor Department came out today, and they’re mildly good. We’re up 144,000 jobs in August.
  • More anecdotal evidence that Zell Miller’s speech worked. Jonah Goldberg weighs in.
  • Hugh Hewitt looks at how the Kerry campaign now spends all its time reacting to events instead of taking the initiative. Pay close attention to the concepts of “swarming” and “OODA loops”, which sound a bit esoteric but make a lot of sense when you look at how Kerry’s opponents (Bush/Cheney, the SwiftVets, Zell Miller) have Kerry running around in circles. I’d forgotten the OODA angle, but I do agree with Hugh’s observations.

RNC coverage reminder

Get yer fresh-brewed convention coverage here:

Because you’re here reading this, you know the mainstream media doesn’t cover everything. These bloggers pick up the slack, and are worth your time (check RNCBloggers to see ’em all together).

How to embarrass the TV networks

I keep hearing rumblings about the major TV networks deciding not to cover the Republican National Convention tonight. It’s opening night, for goodness’ sake. If this is true, it really puts the networks’ bias on display (especially after they refused to cover the SwiftVets controversy for days). If I were running the RNC, I’d be thinking of ways to turn the situation to the GOP’s advantage by embarrassing the networks.
So how do you embarrass a news network that’s ignoring you? Break a big story. Any story. Just make sure it’s something so big that they’ll be forced to cover it, and watch the networks scramble (cursing all the while) to get their reporters on the scene.

Republican Convention coverage

Here are the credentialed bloggers covering the convention:

I’ve also added a new blogroll with these links (look on the right side of the home page).

A good observation on the terror warning

Kevin Aylward of Wizbang wonders why the press pooh-poohed this week’s terror warning in NY/NJ/DC for being “years old”, but jumped on the August 6, 2001 Presidential Daily Briefing as a “smoking gun” showing that the President supposedly ignored warnings about 9/11. Both situations were based on years-old intelligence. Why the different treatment? Draw your own conclusions.
Darn, Kevin, I wish I’d thought of that. This deserves a spot on Backcountry Conservative’s round-up for today.