Dan Rather chooses scorched earth

CBS and Dan Rather stand by their crumbling story, while Captain’s Quarters recaps the latest developments in the CBS forged memos scandal, and includes a handy 9-point list of discrepancies in the documents. It ain’t all in the superscript, folks.
Meanwhile Power Line gathers several mainstream media stories to paint a picture of Gunga Dan under seige. The three lawyers running Power Line have given Rather a length of rope and they seem content today to watch him tie his own noose. When they pull the lever on the trap door this coming week, it’ll be a quick end for CBS. Power Line has new questions about the paper used for CBS‘ “original” copies, and about incorrect zip codes on the purported memos.
INDC Journal exposes how the Boston Globe misquoted a document analysis expert, and relays the expert’s outrage.
In the “put up or shut up department”, Defeat JohnJohn is offering at least $17,600 to the first person to $17,600 in cash to the first person who can find a typewriter available in 1972 that reasonably could have produced the documents in question.
For the big picture, rely on The Belmont Club … as always.

UPDATE: Dan Rather would have you believe that the whole forgery story is overblown because a few old typewriters could manage superscript text. Well, look at this flash animation. If that’s not proof of forgery, nothing is. No doubt Dan Rather’s next statement will be: “Who’re ya gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?”
Hat tip: Power Line

Can they really be that stupid?

Captain Ed, the skipper at Captain’s Quarters, comments on a story from The Washington Prowler which supposedly alleges that 60 Minutes got the faked Killian memos from the Kerry campaign. I say “supposedly” because at the moment the Prowler page is inaccessible.
From Captain Ed:

But the Kerry campaign has it even worse. Thanks to a barrage of ads from the Swiftvets, Kerry already has suffered damage to his image in voter evaluation of his honesty and integrity. If his campaign passed off forged documents to news organizations to smear George Bush, it will destroy the shreds of his credibility in such a way that he may not even be able to win re-election in his next Senate campaign.
Not only does it paint the entire Democratic party machine from Kerry and Terry McAuliffe down as completely dishonest, but also incredibly incompetent. How long would it have taken to have a document specialist verify the memos, especially given that even the campaign had its doubts? Voters who manage not to be completely put off by the dishonest have to ask themselves whether they want the country run by people this flat-out stupid. And fair or not, the whole mess winds up in John Kerry’s lap. It’s yet another case of misfiring a grenade, only this time the wounds won’t be superficial.

The moonbats have already begun laying the blame at the feet of Svengali … er, Karl Rove. I’d bet on the simpler, more plausible explanation: Team Kerry’s incompetence.

Let the lefty moonbattery begin

Atrios never met a strawman he didn’t like, Josh Marshall goes on a superscript “th” hunt, Kevin Drum takes CBS at its word (then hedges), and Kos thinks that the “memos” must be real because the White House simply gave reporters copies of what it received from 60 Minutes. Even more hilariously, the commenters on these sites blame Karl Rove for planting the forgeries just to make the left look silly. What a surprise.
The theme of the moment among the lefty bloggers seems to be “never mind the other problems with the forged memos, just find anything to hang your hat on and then either look smug or whine about right-wing conspiracies.” According to the spin from the left today, the “memos” that 60 Minutes faxed to the White House magically became authentic just because the White House gave copies to reporters without comment.
Good luck, fellas.

Moonbats in Cleveland

Good gravy! The moonbats gathered in Cleveland this weekend, and I wasn’t there to hassle them! If I’d only known, I’d have had a chance to ridicule Martin Sheen, Susan Sarandon, Fisher Stevens, Julianna Margulies and Chad Lowe in person. I’m so disappointed.

Stevens identified himself as a Kerry supporter. But he said it is wrong to assume everyone in Hollywood is a liberal Democrat.
“The irony is you can look to the governor’s mansion in California now and a former president from California to understand that actors are not all liberal, far from it.

Refuting this one’s such an obvious slam dunk that I won’t insult your intelligence by hanging on the rim.

They (Bush supporters) love to label Hollywood liberal. All I’m trying to say here is, ‘Hey, let’s wake up, let’s take responsibility for the country.'”

I love being lectured on personal responsibility by a loon who supports the party of libertines.

Stevens said he has come to realize that Ohio may play a crucial role in the election.

Sharp as a beach ball, this one. He sure does encourage the “all actors are smart” stereotype that I keep hearing about.

“I don’t pretend to tell Ohioans what to do and who to vote for,” Stevens said. “I just want to raise money for this organization. It’s not only about money, it’s about awareness.”

Translation: “My intelligence may rival that of a sea cucumber, but I look pretty and I’m famous. I’ll just raise money so the lawyers and the lobbyists can tell Ohioans what to do and who to vote for.”

[An organizer] said some of those who were featured at the fund-raisers Saturday night may return in September for an Ohio bus tour.

Oh, please. Please come back. I promise I’ll be gentle.