Where’d all the moonbats go?

Whatever happened to the breathless coverage of important news stories like the tons of missing ammo in Iraq? George Bush’s AWOL escapades and the documents that proved it? Karl Rove’s leaking of an undercover CIA operative’s name for political advantage? The Bush Administration’s reckless indifference to Richard Clarke’s prescient warnings about the imminent danger of a 9/11 attack? Bush’s nefarious backroom conspiracies in cahoots with the Saudi royal family and the bin Ladens?
Golly, I thought these were all Critically Important Stories™ that the public needed to know about in every detail. Suddenly, after November 2nd, things have gone quiet. I wonder why.

Kerry’s amazing disappearing press release

Captain’s Quarters sounds off on the Kerry/Edwards web site’s difficulties with press releases that praise Bush/Cheney. Whoever wrote the release in question did such a bad job that it came across as a list of Bush/Cheney achievements. It disappeared for awhile this weekend, reappeared, and disappeared again.
We saw it days ago, fellas. Once you post something on a prominent web site, you can count on someone archiving a copy. Deleting it now is just silly, and makes your press staff look even more stupid than before. You can’t un-ring the bell, Senators.
The blogosphere’s now going to gnaw on this latest of your self-inflicted wounds. Congratulations.