Stolen Honor to air for free

Yes, you heard right.

Producer Carlton Sherwood said “Stolen Honor” would be available on the Internet Monday and would also be available for screening or broadcasting.
“I want to be sure that every American who wants to see this film is allowed to do so,” he said in a news release. “Therefore, I am offering the film publicly to anyone who wants to see it.
“In addition, any media entity brave enough to air ‘Stolen Honor’ can contact us for a license to air the film, provided the entity will air the film in its entirety, and so too any individual who wants to show or broadcast it.”

Watch Stolen Honor

Kinda sucks for these guys, though. Watch for a link to the free video here on Monday.
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Killing the weak to heal the sick

I’d heard just about enough of the blather about a supposed “ban” on stem cell research, but John Edwards’ speech about helping the crippled to walk through embryo stem cell research pushed me over the edge.
In 2002 I published a Note (the term for an article by a law student … mine’s available below) on federal funding of human embryo stem cell research in Health Matrix, the health law journal at Case Western Reserve University. My article built on the reasoning of Scott Klusendorf, the most effective pro-life debater I know.
In that article I picked through peer-reviewed studies and the history of stem cell research, analyzed the state of applicable medical research law, and applied scientific and philosophical considerations to the debate. I conclusively demonstrated that federally funded human embryonic stem cell research is illegal, immoral, and unnecessary. To my knowledge, nothing significant has changed. There are no legal restrictions on privately funded stem cell research on human embryos, repugnant though it is.
I expect reporters and even editors to fall for hype now and then, but politicians running for president have science advisors whose job it is to keep their guy from saying stupid and dishonest things. The facts are not in doubt:

  1. There is no ban on stem cell research. The only restriction is on federal funding of research on stem cells derived from embryos destroyed after August 9, 2001.
  2. Embryonic stem cell research derived from destroyed embryos is morally repugnant, especially since those cells are obtainable from umbilical cords and placentas.
  3. Embryonic stem cells hold less scientific promise than stem cells from adult sources.

John Kerry and John Edwards need to fire their advisors and apologize for a shameless lie that cruelly gives false hope to people with spinal cord injuries.
Here’s a PDF version of my Note, published in 2002.

Are We Killing The Weak To Heal The Sick?: Federally Funded Embryonic Stem Cell Research

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UPDATE (9:33 PM): Arthur Chrenkoff sees a pattern of exploitation in the Kerry/Edwards campaign’s use of the handicapped:

John Edwards is engaging in cynical political game at the expense of the sick and the suffering. Not satisfied with using triple amputees to deliver letters for the Kerry campaign, the Dems are now using the chronically ill and the incapacitated to whack Bush over the head: you see, Bush is mean, because he provokes the terrorists, he makes your gas more expensive, and he sends your jobs overseas. He’s so mean, in fact, that he will keep the sick sick for the sake of his extremist moral agenda.

And I do mean “use” literally and pejoratively.

UPDATE (10:04 PM): This post just merged at high speed into today’s Beltway Traffic Jam.

UPDATE (10:17 PM): Paul at Wizbang is as pithy as you can hope to be.

UPDATE (11:59 PM): Before you revel in embryo stem cell dreams, consider the proven nightmares.

Sinclair in the crosshairs

Sinclair Broadcasting, owner of 62 TV stations in several battleground states, plans to broadcast the documentary Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal this month on all of its affiliates. The film features several Vietnam veterans (all former prisoners of war, two of them Medal of Honor recipients) criticizing John Kerry for his anti-war activities.

Watch Stolen Honor

Sinclair CEO David Smith gave the broadcast order to the company’s affiliates recently, and the Democratic National Committee immediately sat up and took notice. The DNC will file a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission alleging Sinclair’s action would be an illegal in-kind contribution to the Bush/Cheney campaign. No word yet on any DNC complaints about in-kind contributions from Dan Rather or the Associated Press.
For a dose of the obligatory leftist handwringing, see this editorial from The Nation, as reprinted by … wait for it … CBS News.

UPDATE (Oct 13, 1:14 AM): Instapundit rounds up the best blog posts on Sinclair vs. the DNC. Hat tip: Wizbang!

Kerry will exploit Christopher Reeve’s death

I hope John Kerry doesn’t exploit Christopher Reeve’s death to flog President Bush about stem cell research on human embryos. There is no ban on stem cell research; you can legally kill all the embryos you like as long as you don’t fund your research with taxpayer money.
No matter. I predict Kerry will keep up the lie, and say something close to “George Bush killed Christopher Reeve.” He might even get Dana Reeve do it for him on TV.
Unless beats him to it.

UPDATE: Kerry hasn’t blatantly painted Bush with responsibility for Reeve’s death yet. He’s only implied it obliquely. But I’m certain down to my bones that Kerry will find a way to hit Bush with this during the third debate this Wednesday. Watch for it at the end of a Kerry rebuttal, when Bush has little or no time to respond. It’ll be something along the lines of “if not for the ban on stem cell research imposed by this Administration, my dear late friend Chris Reeve might be alive and walking tonight.” Kerry will deliver the lie with his best attempt at a mournful expression and sympathetic voice.
Watch for new widow Dana Reeve to silently show up at Kerry’s side after the debate, too.
UPDATE (Oct 12, 12:22 PM): John Edwards, shameless ambulance chaser, jumped in with both feet today (link to follow). For now, see Drudge. I’m having difficulty choosing the words to accurately describe my contempt for this new low in political pandering.
UPDATE (1:00 PM): Edwards said “When John Kerry is president, people like Christopher Reeve are going to walk. Get up out of that wheelchair and walk again.” Bull. There is no cure for spinal cord injuries. Furthermore, no peer-reviewed embryonic stem cell research study to date has shown promise for finding a cure. Not one. They’re still stuck on the scarring problem. Go ahead and look, but you won’t find anything, believe me. I keep up to date on this topic, and I’m fairly familiar with the state of the law on federal funding of embryo stem cell research.
UPDATE (1:39 PM): I’ve been waiting to fire this broadside all year. Hey, Kedwards … catch!

Pretty slick, Charlie

Here’s a paraphrase of the last question that moderator Charlie Gibson chose for the debate: “Mr. President, name three wrong decisions you’ve made.”
It wasn’t even a question. It was a cheap shot at President Bush that forced him to either look like he thinks he never makes mistakes, or look weak for committing errors. The implied question, of course, was “why don’t you admit that you screwed up by invading Iraq?”
Kerry must have loved it. He had absolutely zero exposure, since the focus was all on the other guy’s mistakes. It was the rhetorical equivalent of giving him a free kick to Bush’s nuts.
Gibson chose which questions to use, and he chose the order in which to ask them. He knows darn well that the end of a presentation is what sticks in the mind.
Sneaky little twerp.

Dan Rather chooses scorched earth

CBS and Dan Rather stand by their crumbling story, while Captain’s Quarters recaps the latest developments in the CBS forged memos scandal, and includes a handy 9-point list of discrepancies in the documents. It ain’t all in the superscript, folks.
Meanwhile Power Line gathers several mainstream media stories to paint a picture of Gunga Dan under seige. The three lawyers running Power Line have given Rather a length of rope and they seem content today to watch him tie his own noose. When they pull the lever on the trap door this coming week, it’ll be a quick end for CBS. Power Line has new questions about the paper used for CBS‘ “original” copies, and about incorrect zip codes on the purported memos.
INDC Journal exposes how the Boston Globe misquoted a document analysis expert, and relays the expert’s outrage.
In the “put up or shut up department”, Defeat JohnJohn is offering at least $17,600 to the first person to $17,600 in cash to the first person who can find a typewriter available in 1972 that reasonably could have produced the documents in question.
For the big picture, rely on The Belmont Club … as always.

UPDATE: Dan Rather would have you believe that the whole forgery story is overblown because a few old typewriters could manage superscript text. Well, look at this flash animation. If that’s not proof of forgery, nothing is. No doubt Dan Rather’s next statement will be: “Who’re ya gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?”
Hat tip: Power Line

Can they really be that stupid?

Captain Ed, the skipper at Captain’s Quarters, comments on a story from The Washington Prowler which supposedly alleges that 60 Minutes got the faked Killian memos from the Kerry campaign. I say “supposedly” because at the moment the Prowler page is inaccessible.
From Captain Ed:

But the Kerry campaign has it even worse. Thanks to a barrage of ads from the Swiftvets, Kerry already has suffered damage to his image in voter evaluation of his honesty and integrity. If his campaign passed off forged documents to news organizations to smear George Bush, it will destroy the shreds of his credibility in such a way that he may not even be able to win re-election in his next Senate campaign.
Not only does it paint the entire Democratic party machine from Kerry and Terry McAuliffe down as completely dishonest, but also incredibly incompetent. How long would it have taken to have a document specialist verify the memos, especially given that even the campaign had its doubts? Voters who manage not to be completely put off by the dishonest have to ask themselves whether they want the country run by people this flat-out stupid. And fair or not, the whole mess winds up in John Kerry’s lap. It’s yet another case of misfiring a grenade, only this time the wounds won’t be superficial.

The moonbats have already begun laying the blame at the feet of Svengali … er, Karl Rove. I’d bet on the simpler, more plausible explanation: Team Kerry’s incompetence.

Feel free to put a sock in it

The Kerry Krew just fired two more dud rounds against President Bush this week, and they sound something like this: “Bush was AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard” (gee, that’s original) and “Bush snorted cocaine at Camp David.” Too bad he earned every point in every year to meet his TANG service obligations, and the “source” of the coke story denies ever making the allegation.
Since we’re still looking at old service records, Senator Kerry, how about releasing all of your records?
Double hat tip: Captain’s Quarters (here and here)

UPDATE: More on Bush’s service here.
UPDATE 2: Power Line looks at the “smoking gun” documents from the 60 Minutes episode on the AWOL charge, and uncovers possible forgery.
UPDATE 3: Power Line continues to ram the lance home, this time noting that even the Associated Press is looking askance at CBS.
UPDATE 4: Too funny.
UPDATE 5: The New York Times is reluctantly nibbling.
UPDATE 6: Funnier still.

For the record: Kerry defense cuts

As several 24-hour news cycles pass by after the Republican National Convention and blur our memories of who said what at which point in time, a reminder can come in handy.
Lest anyone forget that John Kerry wanted to cut numerous military weapons systems that Zell Miller recited in his RNC speech, I offer two photocopies of a Kerry campaign flyer from the 1980s … which advocates cutting those very systems.
Page 1
Page 2
Kerry boosters claim that Miller misrepresented their man’s vote on a single defense budget bill. According to the lefties, Kerry would have voted for all of these systems, but because the appropriations bill had other really bad stuff hidden in it, poor John was forced to vote “nay.”
Now you know better.
Hat tip: Citizen Smash

“Either way, Kerry is screwed.”

The Corner on National Review Online has more on John Kerry under seige. Based on the Democrats’ disorganized and highly reactive stance, it’s fair to assume that the Bush/Cheney team is inside the Kerry/Edwards OODA loop, as Hugh Hewitt observes.
The post on The Corner grew from this article.

UPDATE: More from The Belmont Club:

But the more fascinating historical question is why the two parties should have evolved so differently. One possible reason is that the Democrats are more a coalition than a consistent point of view, the proverbial “Big Tent” defined by nonmembership in the the other party. At first glance, this would appear refute the conventional wisdom that the Democrats are the party of the Left but on closer examination better explains how the Left came to thrive in this ecology. The characteristic of coalitions, or “national united fronts” as they are known abroad, is that they can be more easily manipulated by a minority cadre of activists. That was historically true of Bolshevik-led movements and may be why the Islamic extremists can dominate the agenda of Islam, which unlike Roman Catholicism has no hierarchical clerical structure. If ideological extremism has a natural home, it will be in the midst of the lost.
The Republican mystery is deeper still because unlike the Democrats they were not (if one excludes neoconservatives) believed to have any articulated ideology. To some extent, one became a Republican before joining the party. But however that may be, as Dick Morris demonstrates, America has entered the 21st century with two parties: one with a remarkably united vision of what it wants and the other searching for an answer — after it searches for the question.

Then, an overview of net-centric warfare and OODA loops, followed by this:

In an earlier, low tech era, this phenomenon was referred to in the German Army as “saddle orders”. Because the general principles of the campaign were so well understood by lower-level commanders, Guderian and Rommel could redirect subordinates and trust them to do the “right thing”, that is, act consistently within the agreed strategic framework. They could give orders from the “saddle”. In contrast, the French High Command had to laboriously consider its reaction to each threat. It was this kind of confidence in the Age of Sail which enabled Nelson to break the French line at Trafalgar. Nelson’s captains had served together so long they were like a basketball team that could blind-pass to each other, so that his pre-battle signal consisted simply of “England expects every man to do his duty”. Both the German Army of 1940 and Nelson’s fleet of 1805 were inferior to the enemy in materiel and numbers. But it did not matter. The surprise of 2004 may be that the Mainstream Media, like the Chars of the French Army or the sailing wonders of Villeneuve, will not matter at all.

L’audace, l’audace, toujours l’audace.

Convention wrap-up

  • Boing?
  • Here’s the President’s speech: watch it or read it. By contrast, Kerry’s midnight rally was shrill and off-kilter. Perhaps he needs some outside advice.
  • The newest job numbers from the Labor Department came out today, and they’re mildly good. We’re up 144,000 jobs in August.
  • More anecdotal evidence that Zell Miller’s speech worked. Jonah Goldberg weighs in.
  • Hugh Hewitt looks at how the Kerry campaign now spends all its time reacting to events instead of taking the initiative. Pay close attention to the concepts of “swarming” and “OODA loops”, which sound a bit esoteric but make a lot of sense when you look at how Kerry’s opponents (Bush/Cheney, the SwiftVets, Zell Miller) have Kerry running around in circles. I’d forgotten the OODA angle, but I do agree with Hugh’s observations.

No retreat possible for Kerry

When John Kerry tried to run on his Vietnam record, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ran three TV ads that forced him admit his lies and exaggerations during the war, as well as his two-faced political opportunism as a protestor after the war.
So Kerry whined and demanded that he be judged on the issues. Last night at the Republican Convention, Zell Miller and Vice President Cheney granted his wish and exposed him as a soft-on-defense liberal.
Today (amid the smears), Kerry’s campaign is desperately talking economics, economics, economics. The campaign just blew $50 million on a TV ad buy here in Ohio. But that can’t save them either. Tonight, President Bush will hammer Kerry on economic issues, contrasting Bush’s tax cuts, Bush’s emphasis on the ownership society, and the current robust economy with Kerry’s gloom-and-doom pronouncements of economic woe and Kerry’s record of tax hikes and profligate spending.
And now Kerry can’t double back and appeal to the voters based on his Vietnam medals, because he’s cut off from retreat: the SwiftVets have just released a fourth TV ad that uses Kerry’s own televised words to illustrate his contempt for his own medals. This guy’s got nothing left to run on.
John Kerry’s a roach in a room without hiding places … and his opponents just flipped on the lights.

UPDATE: I neglected to mention that the SwiftVets wrote an open letter to John Kerry offering to end their ad campaign if he’ll do four things. Don’t hold your breath.

UPDATE 2: Hugh Hewitt would probably agree with my cockroach analogy.

If Zell’s speech had been the disaster that the old media left and the new media left are proclaiming it to be, why will radio row on the center-right be replaying it for 60 days? The chorus of people who are complaining that Zell was too harsh are violating one of the number one rules of politics — never let them see you bleed. Zell spoke directly to the widdespread appearance of Moore’s Disease within the Democratic Party leadership, and sharply underscored the undeniable 20-year record of anti-defense votes cast by Kerry. The attamept to turn a serious challenge to Kerry’s national security credentials into a sort of Pat Buchanan “culture war” speech of 1992 is very amusing and a clear signal that the Dems are scared to death that the Zell remarks will be played again and again before 11/2.

President Bush is shaking his can of rhetorical Raid right now, and tonight the spraying begins.

Who better to expose Kerry than another Democrat?

Zell Miller uncorked a 55-gallon drum of whupass on John Kerry in his keynote speech at the Republican Convention tonight. He didn’t wait for applause, he didn’t smile, he didn’t joke. He looked and spoke like a man on a mission, animated by cold determination to protect his family.
A few key nuggets from a speech I’ll be remembering in 2024:

It is not [the Democratic leaders’] patriotism – it is their judgment that has been so sorely lacking. They claimed Carter’s pacifism would lead to peace. They were wrong. They claimed Reagan’s defense buildup would lead to war. They were wrong.
And, no pair has been more wrong, more loudly, more often than the two Senators from Massachusetts, Ted Kennedy and John Kerry.

The B-1 bomber, that Senator Kerry opposed, dropped 40% of the bombs in the first six months of Operation Enduring Freedom. The B-2 bomber, that Senator Kerry opposed, delivered air strikes against the Taliban in Afghanistan and Hussein’s command post in Iraq. … I could go on and on and on: Against the Patriot Missile that shot down Saddam Hussein’s scud missiles over Israel, Against the Aegis air-defense cruiser, Against the Strategic Defense Initiative, Against the Trident missile, against, against, against.
This is the man who wants to be the Commander in Chief of our U.S. Armed Forces? U.S. forces armed with what? Spitballs?

For more than twenty years, on every one of the great issues of freedom and security, John Kerry has been more wrong, more weak and more wobbly than any other national figure. As a war protestor, Kerry blamed our military.

George Bush wants to grab terrorists by the throat and not let them go to get a better grip. From John Kerry, they get a “yes-no-maybe” bowl of mush that can only encourage our enemies and confuse our friends.

Right now the world just cannot afford an indecisive America. Fainthearted self-indulgence will put at risk all we care about in this world.

The Democratic nominee can’t even claim that Republicans were smearing him; it was a point-by-point exposure and debunking of Kerry’s voting record, administered by a fellow Democrat.

UPDATE: Redstate has anecdotal evidence that Zell’s speech worked.

DNC chairman grilled by Hugh Hewitt

Terry McAuliffe is on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show right now. You can hear a live feed here. After 9 PM EDT, it becomes a repeating recording of today’s show, and will run for the next 21 hours.
Get ready for some pointed jabs about Cambodia.

UPDATE: Hugh’s firing questions at ol’ Terry left and right, and McAuliffe’s sounding like the shameless shill that he is. But then, it’s no new situation for the DNC’s chairman. This guy keeps getting his lunch handed to him by talk show hosts.

UPDATE 2: Contrast McAuliffe’s venom with Karl Rove’s thoughtful presentation of campaign tactics & strategy. Yup, Hugh Hewitt scored an interview with Rove today, too.

Freefall in progress; crater imminent

John Kerry’s performance on national security (the only issue that matters this time ’round) always left a lot to be desired. Since the Democrat convention, those chickens have been coming home to roost, to the tune of an 18-point drop in the polls on that issue. Or would those be doves instead?

The new poll found that a slight majority of registered voters — 53 percent — say Bush is more qualified than Kerry to be commander in chief, while 43 percent say they prefer the Democratic nominee. At the end of the Democratic convention, Kerry enjoyed an eight-point advantage over Bush on that question.

Incidentally, the polls also indicate Bush leading Kerry in honesty and trustworthiness by six points.
Hat tip: Captain’s Quarters