Ex-VP: Iran tortures bloggers

A former Vice President of Iran who runs his own blog just publicized a new round of allegations that Iranian government officials have been torturing dissident bloggers again. I say “allegations” because I can’t read Farsi, and I haven’t seen any news stories confirming the charges.
But it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.
I wonder if this isn’t being reported because CNN and friends have struck another sweetheart deal with a nasty regime, exchanging silence for permission to stay in-country? Time will tell.

Mexico looking for friends in Iran

Mexico’s making diplomatic overtures to the mullahs of Iran, which has me thinking.

Mexico is ready for expanding ties with Iran on all areas, notably in economy and trade, the deputy of Mexico’s foreign ministry for economic affairs, Irma Avriana said on Friday.
Speaking to the grand seminar on Irano-Mexican economic relations, Avriana said Iran was an important power in the Middle East and “we believe expanding ties with Iran will be in the interests of every country including Mexcio.”

Every country, Ms. Avriana?
I’ll be keeping an eye out for a subdued retraction from the quoted deputy or her superiors (they’ll want to be low-key about it for obvious reasons). If Mexico backtracks, it’ll likely be due to behind-the-scenes pressure from the Bush Administration. If there’s no retraction, and no objection from Bush, then consider the following.
According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, in 2003 we saw our southern border crossed by 266,469 loaded rail containers, 2,600,019 loaded trucks, 88,068,391 personal vehicles, 319,087 buses, and 48,663,773 pedestrians. Keep in mind that those statistics reflect the crossings we know about; there were lots more that we never detected.
Now picture a nuclear Iran that’s cozy with Mexico, with thousands of Iranian nationals busily working and living there. How difficult do you suppose it might be for our understaffed Border Patrol to detect a suitcase nuke being smuggled over the border?
Hat tip: Michelle Malkin

You want evidence of Al Qaeda ties?

I don’t know if it’s authentic, but an Iranian activist site opposing the mad mullahs has posted a translation of what they claim is a secret memo from Ali Akbar Nategh Nouri, the “Supreme Leader” of an Iranian government intelligence organization, pledging Iranian support for Al Qaeda and Hezbollah operations.

Future sessions have been assigned to further discuss the elimination of major obstacles, further implementation and improvements with regards to a higher level of cooperations with Al Qaida Network & Hezbollah towards a specific goal.

The memo’s date? 1999.
Any bets on whether our Islamist enemies will try to hit us at home right at the height of election season, hoping to duplicate their success in Spain?
Hat tip: Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler

Iran’s about to get the horns

Nobody ever said the mad mullahs were smart. Today they’re proving their idiocy by confronting Britain:

Iranian state TV showed eight British sailors blindfolded and seated on the ground Tuesday, as Tehran said it would prosecute them for illegally entering Iran’s territorial waters.
The British government said the men were on a “routine mission” in the Shatt-al-Arab waterway that separates Iran and Iraq along their southern border. The Foreign Office summoned Iranian Ambassador Morteza Sarmadi to demand an explanation for the naval officers’ arrest.

Iran’s Arabic language Al-Alam television showed the sailors blindfolded and sitting cross-legged on the ground. Earlier footage showed them sitting silently on chairs and a sofa. Three were in British military uniform; five others wore military trousers and civilian T-shirts.
“They will be prosecuted for illegally entering Iranian territorial waters,” Al-Alam television said.
“The vessels were 1,000 meters inside Iranian territorial waters. The crew have also confessed to having entered Iranian waters,” the broadcast said. The distance is about a half-mile.

This is what’s known as “messing with the bull.”

UPDATE: The morons realized the foolishness of waving a big red sheet in front of a very angry bull. The sailors are free. Iran is returning their boats. I’m sure the rapid backpedaling by the bloodthirsty primitives was due to softspoken diplomatic warm fuzzies delivered by Foreign Ministry spokesmen in striped pants, and not due to the imminent threat of being rapidly converted from walking, talking humans into red smears on the sidewalk.

al-Guardian: “Iran instigated war in Iraq”

Gotta love those lefty Brits. Here’s al-Guardian yammering again about gullible neoconservative boogeymen leading us all to disaster:

An urgent investigation has been launched in Washington into whether Iran played a role in manipulating the US into the Iraq war by passing on bogus intelligence through Ahmad Chalabi’s Iraqi National Congress, it emerged yesterday.
Some intelligence officials now believe that Iran used the hawks in the Pentagon and the White House to get rid of a hostile neighbour, and pave the way for a Shia-ruled Iraq.

Larry Johnson, a former senior counter-terrorist official at the state department, said: “When the story ultimately comes out we’ll see that Iran has run one of the most masterful intelligence operations in history. They persuaded the US and Britain to dispose of its greatest enemy.”

So lemme see if I’ve got this straight. Iran, looking next door to the east in late 2001 and seeing US forces running roughshod over Afghanistan, decides that having hostile troops on one side just isn’t enough? I can imagine the conversation between the mullahs back then …

Omar: “Our economy sucks and our people hate us. We need a new way to screw with The Great Satan to demonstrate the superiority of the Islamic Republic.”
Abdul: “Their troops are just over those hills there, in Afghanistan. We could call them names over a loudspeaker or something.”
Omar: “Yes, but there are only a few thousand foreign devils there. Think big.”
Mohammed: “Saddam’s been giving them headaches since ’91. Why not get the infidels to invade Iraq? Then we can watch to see who wins, and pick off the loser later.”
Omar: “Brilliant! We’ll cleverly surround ourselves with hundreds of thousands of hostile troops from the world’s only superpower, complete with swarms of high-tech aircraft and a few carrier battle groups off the coast. They will cower in fear at our terrifying longwinded speeches. At the same time, we’ll brutally repress our own people and hold a rigged parliamentary election in 2004, without any fear of a popular uprising. How can we lose?”
Jamil: “Don’t forget the WMDs, O Glorious Leader.”
Omar: “Silly me! Of course, we mustn’t forget to step up our efforts to build an IslamoNuke factory, so we can turn the Zionist Entity into a smoking crater. They’ll never strike first, the fools.”
Latifah: “Phone call, O Great Turbaned One. Ahmed Chalabi on line three.”
Omar: “Put him through. Oh, be a dear and make sure that Moqtada Al-Sadr gets a copy of our minutes … he’ll be our point man in the glorious defeat of the Great Satan’s pitiful army, so he needs to be in on our clever schemes. I’ve gotta take this call, fellas. Let’s meet again tomorrow, so we can discuss our secret plan to install a laser beam on the Moon. Inshallah.”

To get some real perspective on just how unsteady the mullahcracy in Iran is these days, read Michael Ledeen’s latest over at NRO. (Hat tip: LGF)

Hammer the NORKs

Alright, I’m really getting fed up with Uncle Kimmie in North Korea. Now he’s been caught helping Libya develop nukes. Pakistan’s disgraced national hero, Abdul Qadeer Khan, helped funnel stocks of enriched uranium hexafluoride from North Korea to Libya.
The linked article on al-Guardian’s web site tosses in this little bit of “news”:

The discovery by IAEA investigators does not reflect well on British or US intelligence, who spent nine months last year negotiating secretly with the Libyans to get Col Gadafy to scrap his weapons of mass destruction programmes. The bargain was sealed with a dramatic announcement. Col Gadafy lost his pariah status in return for surrendering his programmes and information.
The Americans spirited the nuts and bolts of the Libyan nuclear project out of Libya to the US, including the uranium in question, enrichment centrifuge equipment bought on the black market to refine the uranium to weapons grade, and a nuclear bomb blueprint.
But the news of the North Korean involvement has come not from the US or Britain but from the IAEA’s investigation, led by Finnish inspector Olli Heinonen, of the Khan network.

Gee, fellas, y’all are brilliant. Since the geniuses at the IAEA leaked the news about the NORK connection, and the US intelligence community (which has possession of the nuclear goodies, remember) kept silent, that must mean that we hapless rubes out here in The Colonies must be in the dark again, eh? We always leak our secrets, just like our betters at the UN, so our silence must mean ignorance. If only we’d given Hans Blix more time in Iraq …

Given that Pyongyang supplied Libya, investigators are worried that it may also have supplied other clients, possibly including terrorist groups, and that it could also have sold on a more lethal form of uranium.

Noooooo, ya think? Stalinist goons who feign outrage at the Axis of Evil label … and then lie about not helping terrorists??? I’m feeling faint.
Enough pussyfooting around. It’s time to really put the squeeze on the NORKs, if we’re not doing so already.