Good news from Iraq, Part 16

As the Iraqi election approaches, bet on the terrorists lashing out in desperate spasms of violence as they see their doom approaching. When the mainstream media begins wailing about quagmires and bodybags, come back to Arthur Chrenkoff’s Good News In Iraq series for a reality check.
Remember, today’s MSM would have screamed about the Battle of Okinawa right up until V-J Day.

Good news from Iraq, Part 12

It’s Monday. Feeling kind of groggy? Sluggish? Annoyed? Sick of politics? Fed up with all the news of death, destruction, sorrow, misery and doom?
Arthur Chrenkoff makes a habit of scouring the news from around the world looking for the positive stories that don’t make the front page or the six o’clock news. These stories paint a much clearer picture of reality. Iraq is not the mess you think it is. Read Good news from Iraq, Part 12, and be encouraged.
Good morning.

Quagmire? Please.

Last week, I linked to Australian blogger Arthur Chrenkoff’s round-up of good news from Iraq. Guess what? He’s at it again.

You’ve seen the first installment — now prepare for the sequel. Because guess what? There’s more good news from Iraq that every day slips under the radar or gets lost among all the bad publicity. So, after the phenomenal response to the first “Good news from Iraq”, and back by popular demand, here’s more good news from Iraq that you might have missed while reading about prisoner abuse, Chalabi, prisoner abuse, Chalabi, al Sadr, prisoner abuse, bombed out wedding, Chalabi and prisoner abuse.

I hope this becomes a regular feature of his blog.