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A constitutional amendment to prevent political dynasties

Like most of you, I’m sick and tired of the Bushes and Clintons. It’s long past time to rein in families like theirs before our political system turns completely hereditary.

To that end, the U.S. Constitution will have to be amended. Here’s my proposal:


SECTION 1: No person shall be eligible to hold the offices of President or Vice President if that person’s spouse, former spouse, natural parent, adoptive parent, step-parent, sibling, half-sibling, or adopted sibling has previously held either office.

SECTION 2: No person who has ever held the office of President shall be eligible to hold any subsequent public office at the federal level.

SECTION 3: Except for an Associate Justice being appointed to the office of Chief Justice, no person appointed to the Supreme Court shall be eligible to hold any subsequent public office at the federal level.

This should hopefully prevent members of the Obama, Bush, or Clinton families from constantly inflicting themselves upon us.

Hail to the Chief, ye bottom-feedin’ lefties!

Black William Rackham and his crew at the Barrrrrrrrrrrrrrking Moonbat Early Warrrrrrrrrrrrrrrning System just dug up a real treasure.

The Pirate in Chief

Well, blow me down! I be a Bush buccaneer t’ begin with, but this be makin’ me want t’ put ashore in San Francisco t’ pillage, plunder, an’ play country music at ear-bleedin’ volume ’til those lily-livered mincing pansies beg to change their voter registration.

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