Stolen Honor: where to see it

The Democratic National Committee is trying to get the FEC to stomp on Sinclair Broadcasting because the company plans to broadcast the documentary Stolen Honor, which highlights John Kerry’s activities after he left Vietnam and joined the anti-American “peace” movement. The Democrats won’t try to refute it, because they can’t. I own two copies, and I’m impressed by Stolen Honor‘s powerful message of truth.
Here’s the movie Democrats don’t want you to see.

Watch Stolen Honor

Try the pay-per-view option.

Sinclair in the crosshairs

Sinclair Broadcasting, owner of 62 TV stations in several battleground states, plans to broadcast the documentary Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal this month on all of its affiliates. The film features several Vietnam veterans (all former prisoners of war, two of them Medal of Honor recipients) criticizing John Kerry for his anti-war activities.

Watch Stolen Honor

Sinclair CEO David Smith gave the broadcast order to the company’s affiliates recently, and the Democratic National Committee immediately sat up and took notice. The DNC will file a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission alleging Sinclair’s action would be an illegal in-kind contribution to the Bush/Cheney campaign. No word yet on any DNC complaints about in-kind contributions from Dan Rather or the Associated Press.
For a dose of the obligatory leftist handwringing, see this editorial from The Nation, as reprinted by … wait for it … CBS News.

UPDATE (Oct 13, 1:14 AM): Instapundit rounds up the best blog posts on Sinclair vs. the DNC. Hat tip: Wizbang!