Stupid dies as stupid does

Two young teenagers decide to play “rocket launcher.” They rig up a tube and a gasoline-filled bottle to simulate a weapon. Light the fuse, run away, whee, look at the flash, come back again. Dumb enough if you’re two kids in an Iowa trailer park risking severe burns, right?
The consequences are stiffer if you’re in the Gaza Strip and there are armed Israeli drones patrolling overhead.
Hat tip: The Wandering Mind

Forgery funnies

Liar Liar

Right Wing News has “The Memo George Bush Doesn’t Want You To See
The Commissar has proof that Kerry was in Cambodia.
ScrappleFace unearths more evidence of Bush perfidy.
Wizbang cribs a photoshopped Dan Rather from Minion of the Great Satan (for the original Baghdad Bob … a.k.a. “Comical Ali” … see here). Also see their spoof of Mr. Clipit.
IMAO unearths another memo.
Day By Day slings a beer pun.
Allah issues a comedy fatwa against Dan Rather’s paltry band of brothers.
Expect more very soon from Cox & Forkum.

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