How many generals oppose Rumsfeld?

Katrina Vanden Heuvel, the editor of The Nation, relishes the controversy over a few retired generals who have called for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to resign. Joining the media dogpile, Vanden Heuvel asks:

Batiste. Eaton. Newbold. Riggs. Zinni… Is there a retired general left in the States who hasn’t called on Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to fall on his sword? While The Nation suggested he resign in April, 2003, an unanticipated and unprecedented cast of characters has joined the growing chorus.

So far something like six of these guys have sounded off. Heck, I’ll be generous. Let’s say a full dozen are out there talking to the mainstream media and urging Rumsfeld’s ouster. Where does that leave us? Right here, Katrina:

The dirty dozen Everybody else

Yes, that’s a giant chorus of condemnation. This is only based on the estimate that there are roughly 4,700 retired generals and admirals, so do your own math. Maybe it’ll be more persuasive.

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California to actually execute a convict

The State of California will actually carry out a lethal injection tonight. Governor Schwarzenegger denied a clemency request, so the state will execute Donald Beardslee for a double murder he committed in 1981 … while on parole for another murder he committed in Missouri. He’ll only be the eleventh death row inmate executed since California reinstituted the death penalty in 1978.

“I am not moved to mercy by the fact that Beardslee has been a model prisoner,” the governor said. “I expect no less.”

That’s as it should be. It appears that common sense is making a comeback in California, which is a good thing … since there are only 639 inmates left on Death Row.