Abu Musab al-Kablooie

al-Kablooie One GPS-guided JDAM bomb: $18,000
One F/A-18F Super Hornet fighter/bomber: $95,000,000
One Special Ops warrior with close air support experience: $35,000 – $60,000 (per year)
One atomized terrorist hero: priceless

Adios, Zarqawi. Burn in Hell.
Happy Dance

2005 Dead Pool picks

Well, the annual morbidity derby is underway at Lawrence Simon’s blog. Here’s my list of picks:

Name Birthdate Occupation
Iyad Allawi 1945 Interim Iraqi Prime Minister
Fidel Castro August 13, 1926 Dictator
Gerald Ford July 14, 1913 Former President
Paul Harvey September 4, 1918 Radio broadcaster
Whitney Houston August 9, 1963 Pop singer
Kim Jong-Il February 16, 1942 Dictator
Christopher Lee May 27, 1922 Actor
Art Modell June 23, 1925 Former NFL team owner
Pervez Musharraf August 11, 1943 Dictator
Mary-Kate Olsen June 13, 1986 Actress
Dan Rather October 31, 1931 TV news anchor
Glenn Reynolds August 27, 1960 Law professor, blogger, puppy-blending hobo-killing robot dancer
Karol Wojtyla (John Paul II) May 18, 1920 Pope
Viktor Yuschenko February 23, 1954 Ukrainian politician
Abu Musab al-Zarqawi October 30, 1966 Terrorist

Did you submit your picks this time around?

Animal abuse as “art”

I’m no animal rights wacko, but the “art” created by Nathalie Edenmont turns my stomach. She kills animals, chops ’em up, mounts their parts, and then takes photographs of her handiwork. So far, she’s killed white mice, chickens, rabbits, and at least one cat. The Wetterling Gallery in Sweden (what a surprise) hosts her work, and they see no problem with it. Over in Los Angeles, the LA Art Show showed her craptacular work last year.
I’m getting very tired of this “let’s-shock-the-straights-and-call-it-art” attitude from pretentious leftists. The irrational part of me hopes Miss Edenmont meets the business end of a cranky tiger with hunger pangs, but the rational part of me knows she’ll find plenty of admiring upper-class twits to support her work. Ah, well.
Here’s a gallery of her “art”, but don’t click the link if you’ve got a weak stomach.
Hat tip: cowsarenotshoes

Kerry will exploit Christopher Reeve’s death

I hope John Kerry doesn’t exploit Christopher Reeve’s death to flog President Bush about stem cell research on human embryos. There is no ban on stem cell research; you can legally kill all the embryos you like as long as you don’t fund your research with taxpayer money.
No matter. I predict Kerry will keep up the lie, and say something close to “George Bush killed Christopher Reeve.” He might even get Dana Reeve do it for him on TV.
Unless MoveOn.org beats him to it.

UPDATE: Kerry hasn’t blatantly painted Bush with responsibility for Reeve’s death yet. He’s only implied it obliquely. But I’m certain down to my bones that Kerry will find a way to hit Bush with this during the third debate this Wednesday. Watch for it at the end of a Kerry rebuttal, when Bush has little or no time to respond. It’ll be something along the lines of “if not for the ban on stem cell research imposed by this Administration, my dear late friend Chris Reeve might be alive and walking tonight.” Kerry will deliver the lie with his best attempt at a mournful expression and sympathetic voice.
Watch for new widow Dana Reeve to silently show up at Kerry’s side after the debate, too.
UPDATE (Oct 12, 12:22 PM): John Edwards, shameless ambulance chaser, jumped in with both feet today (link to follow). For now, see Drudge. I’m having difficulty choosing the words to accurately describe my contempt for this new low in political pandering.
UPDATE (1:00 PM): Edwards said “When John Kerry is president, people like Christopher Reeve are going to walk. Get up out of that wheelchair and walk again.” Bull. There is no cure for spinal cord injuries. Furthermore, no peer-reviewed embryonic stem cell research study to date has shown promise for finding a cure. Not one. They’re still stuck on the scarring problem. Go ahead and look, but you won’t find anything, believe me. I keep up to date on this topic, and I’m fairly familiar with the state of the law on federal funding of embryo stem cell research.
UPDATE (1:39 PM): I’ve been waiting to fire this broadside all year. Hey, Kedwards … catch!