Is Betty Sutton a moderate? An independent? A populist?

Ohio Congressional Districts 2009I’ve never met Congresswoman Betty Sutton, my Representative here in Ohio’s 13th District. Every time I hear her on the radio or see her on TV, she comes across as a mild-mannered, pleasant person. I am convinced that she truly believes she’s doing what’s best for America. If she and I found ourselves at the same dinner table I’m confident that we could chat easily and cheerily about the travails of the Cleveland Browns, the latest news of our respective families, and what works best for keeping rabbits and deer out of a flower bed. I have absolutely no reason to think ill of her personally, and I’ll bet she’s a loving wife, a sweet daughter, a good neighbor, and a responsible and caring pet owner.
Betty Sutton is also a radical leftist.
To put her views in context, first go take a look at her very close friend and trusted colleague Jan Schakowsky. No, really. Go look, and then come back here.

Video: Evil Rich People

These are the dastardly sneaky skunks who Betty Sutton and friends want to punish:

In other words, she wants to punish the people who employ three out of four small business employees. Guess what will inevitably result when those small business owners get hammered by Congress? They’ll be forced to cut payrolls.
J-O-B-S, right, Betty? Way to “protect the little guy.”

Sherrod Brown to Dems: “Hey, let’s run on Obamacare”

I wonder if Senator Brown’s successor in the U.S. House, Betty Sutton, will take his advice and run on Obamacare, the GM bailout, the Chrysler bailout, the government takeover of the student loan industry, and the rest of the Democrat Party record? Or will she continue to flail around and dishonestly sling mud?
Click any of these memory-jogging graphics for more information on that Democrat record that Sherrod Brown’s so proud of:
unemployed over 26 weeks as of June 2010
scary chart

Betty Sutton’s volunteers: abundant as chicken’s teeth

When you can’t generate grassroots volunteer support (look at the crowds!) by running on your record, you just hire people and fake it. Right, Betty?

Subject: DCCC Hiring in Summit and Lorain County
Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2010 22:44:20 -0400
From: Cratic@DCCC.ORG
To: Cratic@DCCC.ORG
The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is hiring in Ohio’s 13th Congressional race.
Democratic campaign hiring paid canvassers to help drive voter participation in Summit and Lorain Counties. We are seeking energetic and committed applicants with experience volunteering or working on electoral campaigns to work alongside a seasoned team of campaign professionals.
115 Cedar Street
Elyria, OH
1 Merriman Rd (Merriman and West Market)
Akron, OH
SUNDAY 10-2PM or 2-6PM
PAY: $10.00
Past campaign volunteers encouraged to apply. Email if interested. Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE). Qualified applicants are considered for employment without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status.

Considering how many people in the 13th District have lost their jobs thanks to Betty’s lockstep voting with Nancy Pelosi, it’s awfully nice of her to offer ten bucks an hour to help her con voters into sending her back to Washington. Another two-year term should be enough time to drive America into ruin with massive spending, corporate bailouts, union payoffs, cap & trade, card check, tax increases, and more government regulations. What’s not to like?
With tons of DCCC money and union-funded staff, maybe she’ll have a prayer.

Cap & Trade is Betty Sutton’s baby

A friendly reminder to my fellow conservative, moderate, and independent voters here in Ohio’s 13th District: Rep. Betty Sutton (D) did much more than just read the bill in detail before voting “yes” … she helped write it.
If you ever actually see her, ask her to defend that economy-crippling, job-killing bill. If possible, record her response on video (use your camera phone, or maybe this or this) and contact me so I can post it on YouTube. It would be fascinating to see.

Betty Sutton is terrified

The Representative from Ohio’s 13th District finds herself caught between an unpopular President she supports, pitiful fund-raising results, an opponent with a huge war chest, her own barely-concealed radicalism, and the public’s outrage at her spending spree since her first election in 2006. She squealed for help from the cavalry and got a response.
Betty Sutton’s benefactors, the corrupt union bosses and the DCCC (oops, sorry for repeating myself), just sent her 21 union-paid staffers and $219,000 for advertising. With the way she burns cash to push outright lies, she needs all the help she can get.
Hey, Betty! How about running on your record instead? I’m sure your constituents would love to hear more about your votes on Cap & Trade, Obamacare, TARP, the bank bailouts, card check …

Questions for Betty Sutton and Tom Ganley

Vote on the existing questions, or ask your own. From the explanation on the site:

If, according to the old saying, “all politics is local,” then the time has come to demonstrate that new, interactive media can invigorate local civic engagement around elections — moving from interest to involvement, from spectacle to civil society.
Personal Democracy Forum, with support from The Knight Foundation and in partnership with Google and YouTube, has created a platform to facilitate that involvement. It’s called 10Questions. Here’s how it works:

  • Citizens can post text questions or video questions through YouTube for candidates in the 2010 midterm elections; each race has its own page where we aggregate questions posed for candidates in that specific race.
  • Using Google technology, visitors to that site can vote questions up and down. After a set period of public engagement, the 10 top- voted questions in each race are posed to the candidates.
  • Candidates then have the opportunity to post video responses, and voters rate those responses for completeness, directness, depth and substance — criteria that are sometimes hard to get out of politicians in the rapid-fire context of a live debate.

You can’t duck your record forever, Betty

I just asked Rep. Betty Sutton (D-OH) the following question:

Concerning your vote to raise the Federal Debt Limit … do you believe your constituents support your position? Would you do it again? How much spending is enough?

Any bets on whether she answers at all, much less directly? Perhaps if more of her constituents asked her the same questions, she’d come out of hiding.

Betty Sutton’s current schedule

Betty Sutton as WaldoAugust 18th: Anywhere but in Columbus with Barack Obama
August 20th: $1000/plate fundraiser
August 22nd: RSVP-ONLY Volunteer Appreciation Day
August 27th: $30/plate spaghetti dinner fundraiser with union fatcats
August 32nd: Town hall meetings with constituents
September 0th: More town hall meetings
September 11th: Back to DC to stimulate the economy with more spending and pork

8/17 9:24 AM Update: Betty Sutton’s staff checks in again … but still won’t explain what she’s doing tomorrow instead of being seen with President Obama.

Tom Ganley still has a Cash For Clunkers problem

Shailagh Murray’s snarky piece in Saturday’s Washington Post jabs Betty Sutton’s challenger for taking advantage of Sutton’s signature legislation.

Republican House candidate Tom Ganley sold more than 800 cars last summer through the “Cash for Clunkers” government rebate program. But does Uncle Sam get a thank you?
“Let’s talk about Cash for Clunkers,” the voluble millionaire, who owns the largest auto dealership group in Ohio, told a group of voters here recently. “It created a 30-day surge in auto sales. After it ended, there was no business. It was like the faucet was shut off.”

Most economists say the nationwide stimulus effort has generally paid off, although they differ on how much.

But Sutton is a top target of Republicans, in part because of her support for the program. Her opponent’s 31 dealerships sold an estimated $17 million worth of cars through Clunkers rebates, but he now denounces the program as a fiscal folly.

Ganley needs to get in front of this “he’s-a-hypocritical-used-car-salesman-fatcat-rich-guy” portrayal quickly, before Sutton hangs it around his neck for good. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this line of attack, and there are more tasks that require Ganley’s attention.
Enough fund-raising and strategizing, Tom. Hit the campaign trail (Lord knows, Betty refuses to). Define yourself, define your socialist opponent, and publicize your plan to get government out of our health care, our lives, and our wallets.

Trade wars as election stunts

Betty Sutton’s been busy:

Rep. Betty Sutton (D-OH) introduced H.R. 4678, the Foreign Manufacturers Legal Accountability Act, to protect consumers from dangerous and defective products manufactured and produced abroad. Every year, countless Americans are injured, sometimes fatally, by dangerous products that have been manufactured abroad and imported into the U.S. Recent examples included toxic drywall, faulty infant cribs, lead paint in children’s toys, and defective tires. These products not only hurt American consumers, they hurt American businesses.

The Foreign Manufacturers Legal Accountability Act:

  • Requires manufacturers to register an “agent” in a state where the company does business to accept service of process for civil and regulatory claims.
  • Registering an agent will constitute an acceptance of personal jurisdiction of the State and Federal courts of the state in which the agent is located.
  • Covers products regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), such as children’s toys; the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), including prescription drugs and medical devices; and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), like pesticides.

If that sounds good to you at first glance, Rick Woldenberg urges you to think again:

The purpose of this bill is to make foreign manufacturers of finished goods and parts intended to be used as components in those finished goods register for service of process in this country. In other words, foreign manufacturers must register here so our plaintiff’s bar and the government can sue them with ease. The new law prohibits trade with foreign manufacturers unless they are registered, and enlists the aid of the federal government’s snarling dog, the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, to enforce this law.
This means that every factory we use outside the U.S. will have to register for service of process in the U.S. if we want to continue to import our products from them. The law goes even FURTHER, asking that each agency involved to study ways to force manufacturers of components to register here, too. So, for example, if you make a toy in China and your factory buys boxes from a local printer who has NO contractual relationship with you, this law asks the agencies to study the feasibility of getting such box printers to register for service of process in this country. To accomplish that lofty goal, of course, you have to know their identity. Our customers do not know our vendors’ names and we aren’t telling. It’s none of their business. Do you think it’s any different for our factories relative to us? Will they ever disclose that information to our Mother Government (to them, a foreign government)? Please – would you disclose your sources to the Chinese government? And who pays the administrative and out-of-pocket costs of this exercise? And what about the consequences of the fear factor and the costs of new litigation on markets?

This is an example of how I learned to HATE Congress and Democrats. These rules descend on our business in suffocating waves, adding no value but creating major distractions and feeding fear. On the other hand, perhaps I will be eating crow when Obama’s recently announced master plan to reduce the deficit by two-thirds in three years through increased spending, increased entitlements, increased taxes and increased regulation works like a charm. Maybe this law is part of the implementation of that great plan.

That’s how progressives like Betty Sutton work to “fix” unemployment. Do you feel encouraged yet? Check out what a well-respected lawyer has to say about the CPSIA, which Betty apparently thinks is too weak and needs strengthening with her new bill. Betty’s bill could be the next Smoot-Hawley Tariff. The first one helped trigger the Great Depression. Remember that when you see Betty’s TV ads touting her concern for “the little guy” and her tireless work to “create or save jobs.” It’s a protectionist election year gimmick that will result in serious pain later.

Betty Sutton’s 2010 town hall schedule

I e-mailed Congresswoman Sutton to request her schedule of town hall meetings this summer here in Ohio’s 13th District. Her response:

Sutton letterhead

June 24, 2010

Dear Mr. Konsen,
We hope you are doing well.
Thank you for your email. We will be sure to notify you when Representative Sutton holds her next town hall meeting.
Take care,
Office of Representative Sutton
Betty Sutton signature
Betty Sutton
Member of Congress

Make of it what you will.