Iraq’s George Washington

Citizen Z thinks he’s identified the “George Washington” of Iraq’s brand-new democracy:

How lucky are we, and the Iraqi people, that the Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani is who he is? Consider:

  1. He’s the number one religious leader in Iraq.
  2. His followers comprise the 60% Shi’a majority there.
  3. He doesn’t want to run the country himself.
  4. He believes in keeping the government separate from the religious order.
  5. He doesn’t want to fight a war with the Sunnis.
  6. He believes Iraq’s leaders should be elected and he lent his own credibility to the cause of getting out the vote.

Take away any of these characteristics and we could be facing a very different situation in Iraq. So I ask again: How lucky is that? It’s on the order of blessed, in my opinion.

Meanwhile, Israpundit has an opinion on “insurgents” and leftists, and links to an NYT article touching on Sistani’s surprising forebearance to date.
I’ll grant that Sistani’s so far been remarkably democratic, but that’s about all I’ll grant. Personally, I’ll defer giving Washingtonian praise to anybody in Iraq until they’ve got a stable constitutional republic over there. I think they’ve got a very good shot at it, mind you, and I still support our mission there. I’m just not ready to count chickens yet.

American crimes in Iraq

Alas, the quagmire that is Iraq threatens to swallow arrogant America whole. Woe is us. We’re doomed … doomed, I say!
Happy to hear a Western kufr who’s sorry about his government’s foolish adventure in a sovreign country overseas? Rejoice, noble warriors. Now that you’re here, my dear Yahoo and Google searchers from the Middle East and Europe (yes I noticed the spike), let’s look at what’s going on in Iraq.
First, Margaret Hassan. This British interloper claimed to be an aid worker for a charity, and claimed to be a Muslim. But everyone knows she was really a spy for the Mossad, the evil organization responsible for the September 11th attacks, Yasser Arafat’s poisoning, and itchy wool sweaters (damned jooooooos). Margaret Hassan got what was coming to her. Praise be to Allah, here’s the video.
An American correspondent captured footage of a U.S. Marine shooting someone in a mosque, which is now being broadcast all over the Arab media. What possible reason could there be for shooting a motionless man lying on the ground? Here’s the video of the Marine committing unjustified murder, my Middle Eastern friends. Watch it and seethe.
There’s also news that the U.S. Marine Corps has re-opened its investigation into the disappearance of Wassef Ali Hassoun, the Marine of Lebanese descent who disappeared earlier this year and appeared in a hostage video, only to return to his unit unharmed. Why a renewed investigation? Some of his personal effects, including his passport and identification card, turned up in Fallujah. Maybe he’s a mujahideen in secret? We dhimmis-in-waiting can only hope.
Now, as news finally begins to get past the oppressive John Ashcroft and his Crusaders in the Zionist American Government, we see that the poor residents of Fallujah hate their American oppressors. But then, I’m not surprised, since the mujahideen who ruled Fallujah had made such bold steps toward reestablishing the caliphate. Anybody would be upset to lose such enlightened leaders.
It’s now more clear than ever that America should have trusted the United Nations to administer international relations with Iraq. After all, France has been such a wonderful example of multilateral nuance … we could learn so much from them.
Onward Muslim soldiers! Celebrate your impending victory by watching this raw footage of your jihad’s success.