Muslim death cultists aren’t subhuman

Again with the beheadings.

Today the Islamists have sawn off the head of Jack Hensley of Marietta, Georgia. Yesterday they sawed off the head of Eugene Armstrong of Hillsdale, Michigan.
I’m not surprised. Hopefully we’ll preserve our collective outrage over this, but I suspect this kind of thing’s already becoming blas&#233 in our jaded and media-saturated culture. Amid all the outrage expressed in the blogosphere, I’ve noticed a theme that needs correcting if we’re going to keep the right perspective. My blogging brethren often express their fury with epithets like “animals” and “subhuman scum” when they refer to the evil men who saw off captives’ heads in the name of a “merciful Allah.” It’s understandable to use those labels, but it’s not right because it lets these evil muslims off the hook for their actions.

We feel anger when we find out about these slaughters precisely because these evil men are more than just animals. They’re people, and that means they know better. When a cougar mauls a child, we hunt it down and kill it without much passion because it’s a dumb animal with no sense of morality. When men shoot fleeing children in the back or saw off the heads of helpless civilians, they earn our undying enmity because they know they’re committing evil.

For you left-leaning readers who feel uncomfortable with arguments based on right and wrong, think of this from a legal perspective. The Model Penal Code (which forms the basis for many states’ criminal codes) breaks down most crimes into four categories, asking whether the perpetrator committed the crime negligently, recklessly, knowingly, or purposefully. If a man fires a gun through a flimsy backstop in his backyard and the bullet accidentally kills his neighbor’s child, we’ll likely prosecute him for negligent homicide. But we hold him less culpable than the man who recklessly fires his gun into the air and kills the child playing in her yard two streets over. Worse still is the man who fires his rifle over a crowd of children, knowing he’ll probably kill someone. Worst of all is the man who fires a bullet into a fleeing child’s back for the purpose of killing her. Even our legal system emphasizes degrees of culpability and the importance of the perpetrator’s state of mind. It’s about as close to moral condemnation as our relativistic legal system ever gets.

I think the moral argument and our inherent sense of right and wrong provides the strongest foundation for holding these evil muslims responsible as people who consciously choose to do evil. You might find the legal approach more comfortable. Either way, intentions count for a lot.

From now on, I’m going to try extra hard not to understate the depths that these men have sunk to. I’m not going to call them animals or subhuman scum; these muslim death cultists are evil, and that’s why I’ll smile when they die violent and painful deaths.

I hope my fellow bloggers will do the same.

9/11 Commission: “We’re winning.”

The next time you’re confronted by some lefty loon spouting off about our response to 9/11 “creating more terrorists”, tell them about the following story from about the 9/11 Commission’s ignored bombshell:

The Sept. 11 Commission has found that the Bush administration’s war on terror has severely impaired al Qaida’s ability to organize another spectacular attack against the U.S. homeland by capturing or killing the deadly terror group’s key leaders, drying up their financial resources and severely limiting their ability to “strategize, plan attacks, and dispatch operatives worldwide.”
The bombshell finding, buried at the end of the Commission’s Staff Statement No. 15, should have been hailed in the press as evidence that we’ve at least turned the corner in the war on terror – and may indeed have the enemy on the run. Instead, reporters have ignored this particular Commission finding since its release on June 16.

Need I say more?

You want evidence of Al Qaeda ties?

I don’t know if it’s authentic, but an Iranian activist site opposing the mad mullahs has posted a translation of what they claim is a secret memo from Ali Akbar Nategh Nouri, the “Supreme Leader” of an Iranian government intelligence organization, pledging Iranian support for Al Qaeda and Hezbollah operations.

Future sessions have been assigned to further discuss the elimination of major obstacles, further implementation and improvements with regards to a higher level of cooperations with Al Qaida Network & Hezbollah towards a specific goal.

The memo’s date? 1999.
Any bets on whether our Islamist enemies will try to hit us at home right at the height of election season, hoping to duplicate their success in Spain?
Hat tip: Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler

Khobar hostage standoff ends in commando raid

The Khobar, Saudi Arabia hostage-takers have been flushed out, but they only lost one of their guys to the commandos.

Only one of the four attackers was captured and the others escaped, but the Interior Ministry said the arrested militant, who was wounded, was the ringleader of the assault and “an important target.” One of the fugitives also was wounded.

Very professional commandos, those Saudis. Didn’t anybody think to block the exits?

In Washington, a spokesman for the Saudi Embassy, Nail al-Jubeir, told CNN that one militant also was killed in the standoff with Saudi forces.
“The intent (of the attack) was to cripple the world economy by sending the message that foreigners are not safe inside Saudi Arabia,” he said, but dismissed any notion that the kingdom cannot protect its people.
“It does not take much to come into a building with a rifle and shoot innocent people,” he said, comparing the attack to a drive-by shooting. “Unfortunately it is very difficult to guard against.”

Hey Nail, you don’t see it happening in Houston, do you?
Before you think of the Saudis as our friends and partners in the War on Terror, read this.

UPDATE: Looks like our Saudi “friends” cut a deal and let the terrorists escape. How surprising. Hat tip to LGF.

Watch for these 7 Al-Qaeda operatives

I just finished listening to the press conference by Attorney General Ashcroft and FBI Director Mueller. Ashcroft just said we’re in Al Qaeda’s crosshairs this summer. No surprise there. He asked us to report suspicious behavior to local law enforcement authorities. No surprise there, either. He hasn’t bumped our alert level to orange. That’s a bit surprising, considering the fact that this national press conference is on the air.
Here’s the surprise. We have names and faces to be on the lookout for this time around:

Graphic of FBI seal and seven Be On the Lookout Suspects
Graphic of FBI seal and seven Be On the Lookout Suspects Photograph of and link to Amer El-Maati Photograph of and link to Aafia Siddiqui Photograph of and link to Adnan G. El Shukrijumah Graphic of FBI seal and seven Be On the Lookout Suspects
Graphic of FBI seal and seven Be On the Lookout Suspects Photograph of and link to Fazul Abdullah Mohammed Photograph of and link to Adam Gadahn Photograph of and link to Abderraouf Jdey Photograph of and link to Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani Graphic of FBI seal and seven Be On the Lookout Suspects
Graphic of FBI seal and seven Be On the Lookout Suspects

Click on any of their ugly mugs to see more info on each scumbag. If you want the HTML code to put this graphic on your site, click here.
If you have any information that might lead to locating any of these individuals, please contact authorities. You may report information to your nearest FBI field office or law enforcement agency. If you are located overseas, you may contact your closest FBI Legal Attach´┐Ż office in U.S. Embassies. You may also send information through the FBI’s Submit a Tip site.

UPDATE: Check out this post about Adam Gadahn, the guy on the bottom row, second from the left.

American civilian beheaded in Iraq

Al Qaeda videotaped the beheading of Nick Berg, an American civilian contractor found dead in Iraq on Saturday. More as this develops.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Religion of Peace™.

UPDATE: It’s true. WizBang has a link to the video, but be warned … it’s hideous. If you’d rather just read a text description, try LGF.
UPDATE 2: Whomping Willow makes a key observation about the scum who murdered Nick Berg:

Which detainees were they wanting in exchange? Let’s set aside for a moment the fabulous propaganda they got out of beheading Berg and assume they did not do it just for that. Perhaps, um, some of their operatives were being held there? I’ve heard and read much since my initial rant regarding the abuse of the prisoners at there, which I denounced as vile and horrible. I said the soldiers responsible for that are just not good enough to wear the uniform. I still stand by that: we are better than that. But I am beginning to wonder at the identity and nature of those detainees. And I know I won’t know for awhile, if ever, national security and need-to-know and all that, but I think it’s important now to remember those detainees are not little bunny rabbits.

UPDATE 3: If you’re wondering why the media’s not showing Nick Berg’s murder but keeps showing Iraqis being abused in Abu Ghraib, Cox & Forkum’s latest cartoon beats any thousand words you care to pick:

The Good, The Bad, The Media

UPDATE 4: More news on the reaction to Nick Berg’s murder here.
UPDATE 5: For information on the beheading of Paul Johnson … click.