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Democrat petition drive in ... cemeteries?


I don't know if this is legit, or whether some smart aleck hacked the Wisconsin Democrats' web site. Click on the image to see the screen shot at full size.

Democrat election fraud

Not surprisingly, the Dems have yanked the page from their site. Here's the cached page on Google. Who knows how long it'll exist?

Something about Sharon Bialek seems ... off


I'm no shill for Herman Cain, but yeeeeeesh.

This woman's demeanor doesn't pass the smell test. Where did this supposed Tea Party activist come from? Is she a gold digger? Who's paying her legal bills?

The Gerald A. Sandusky indictment


Can we please make child rape a capital crime now? Here's the text of today's indictment of retired PSU football coach Gerry Sandusky, as released by the Attorney General of Pennsylvania. This is not for the faint of heart, so do not read it if you have a weak stomach.

"Males of non-western background"


Apparently the Norwegians have coined a new politically correct term.

Go to the Cuyahoga County Clerk of Courts and look up case number CR-11-548100-A. The full name of the case is State of Ohio vs. Thomas Ganley. This is what you're looking for:

screenshot of Tom Ganley criminal case

The Ohio GOP really needs to do a better job of recruiting candidates to unseat Betty Sutton.

Flat out evil


If this CNN report is accurate, then the military's got at least one ideal candidate for the death penalty.

Murder merits swift punishment. Next issue: why didn't any officers stop this?

Claiming to have fired in self defense, an American border guard on duty fatally shot a Mexican citizen trying to cross into our country. In response the U.S. Attorney General is conducting ... a civil rights investigation?!

Federal officials confirmed that a civil-rights investigation was opened into the shooting of Hernández, who died on the Mexican side of the river from a bullet wound to the head.

Civil-rights investigations can look into crimes committed by law enforcement officers in the course of their duties.


The video shows an encounter that begins when a group of men try to cross a border fence near the railroad Black Bridge, just west of the Paso del Norte Bridge connecting Juárez to Downtown El Paso.

A Border Patrol agent is seen arriving on a bicycle, and rocks are allegedly being thrown at the agent while he tries to detain a man on the U.S. edge of the river. The agent is seen pointing his handgun. Three gunshots are heard.

Hernández can then be seen lying on the ground at the foot of the Black Bridge on the Mexican side of the mostly dry river. It is not shown if Hernandez was throwing rocks.

Lionel HutzThere's no way he was in America when he was shot, and then ducked back across the border before dying. People with mortal gunshot wounds to the head aren't exactly renowned for climbing fences or crossing rivers.

The Department of Justice should definitely investigate the shooting, since the agent may have committed a crime and/or a human rights violation. But how can Holder accuse the agent of violating the dead kid's federal civil rights? The dead kid was not an American. He was a Mexican. In Mexico. Does 42 USC § 1983 cover him too?! Apparently our top cop learned the law from Lionel Hutz.

I move for a bad court thingy.

This is Democrat "tolerance" in action. Congressman Bob Etheridge assaults lowly American citizens who dare to ask questions:

Remind me again how we on the American right are the violent ones.

Since ACORN is re-branding its less-than-stellar image these days, they'll likely downplay or eliminate the name "ACORN" soon here in Ohio. Slapping a new label on a crooked organization might be easy, but selling property and changing leadership personnel is not. To make it harder for ACORN to crawl back under a rock somewhere, I'm linking to the Ohio Secretary of State's online records for ACORN's business filing information. Look for street addresses, agent names, etc.

As long as the name "Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now" is in use by an existing business or non-profit organization in Ohio, the Secretary of State's office will also have that information. To run that query, just push this button.

Ain't citizen journalism grand?

11:35 update: Wow. ACORN just agreed to surrender its business license in Ohio as settlement of that RICO lawsuit by the Buckeye Institute. That's good news, but let's be wary. Keep a close eye on what happens with these properties:

379 N. 20th
Lower Level
Columbus, OH 43203

2069 East 36th Street
Cleveland, OH 44115

1025 Central Ave Ste 3
Cincinnati, OH 45202

115 E. Market St.
RM 202
Akron, OH 44308

4945 Profit Way
Dayton, OH 45414

316 North Michigan
Toledo, OH 43624

12:20 Update: Apparently The Buckeye Institute recently split off the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law as an independent organization after the lawsuit was originally filed, so it's the new group that gets the scalp for defeating ACORN.

12:35 Update: Matt Naugle cheers the victory, but cautions everyone to keep an eye open for the same ACORN crooks returning with different front groups.

A sudden concern for propriety


Rep. Betty Sutton called yesterday for Charlie Rangel to step down from his post on the Ways and Means Committee:

The House Ethics Committee has now determined that a violation of the ban on corporate funded travel did occur and is still considering other allegations against Mr. Rangel. I think that in order to preserve the public trust, which is of the highest priority, Representative Rangel should, at this point, step aside as Chair of the Ways and Means Committee. Our nation is facing many challenges and we must put all our energy, without distraction or question, into meeting those challenges.

It's funny how responsive to ethical concerns a politician becomes when her seat is no longer safe.

A reminder about ACORN


Obama is ACORN. ACORN is Obama.

The two are inseparable.

Cash for votes in Athens?


Darn right. Jesse Hathaway's all over this Ohio Democratic Party scandal.

ACORN document dump coming?


Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell recently filed a tax lien against ACORN for $548,000:

The subpoenas from Caldwell, served last month, became widely known this week. They were served on the former chief of ACORN, Wade Rathke, who now runs the offshoot Acorn International, as well as Whitney Bank, where ACORN keeps its accounts.

The subpoenas seek a broad range of information since 1998 from ACORN and what the documents say are 361 related tax-exempt and non-tax-exempt organizations:

  • All W-2 tax income reports and 1099 tax filings issued

  • A list of every employee

  • All state and federal tax returns

  • Organizational charts for every affiliate

  • All audited financial statements

  • Documents related to the theft of nearly $1 million by Rathke's brother, Dale Rathke, who worked in the organization

Here's a brief write-up by The Pelican Institute for Public Policy:

ACORN "audit" isn't


"Independent review", my skinny white butt.

ACORN independent review


When you think "ACORN", think "Obamacare"


ObamacornACORN shares office space and personnel with the Service Employees International Union. SEIU and other unions in the Big Labor alliance funnel millions of dollars to ACORN. ACORN and Big Labor lobby for the same legislation, endorse the same partisan political candidates, and work together in every other conceivable way. Members of ACORN and Big Labor pass in and out of the revolving door of the Democratic Party and the federal government. Sure, the fancy paperwork sitting on file in dusty government offices says that these organizations and people are officially separate entities, but that's like trying to hide a 500-lb nudist under a cocktail napkin.

Progressive politicians (*cough* *cough* Betty Sutton), Big Labor and ACORN are one and the same.

When you see the news reports about the disgusting things that ACORN does, remember that those same people work for gigantic labor unions, work on the staffs of liberal Congress members, and infest the Obama administration from top to bottom. Their reckless spending outstrips any in American history, and they intend to double down. Their tax hikes hurt small businesses, who employ the vast majority of Americans. Their ridiculous regulations and economically illiterate mandates caused the housing and credit crisis, which triggered last fall's economic crash. Their policies have driven unemployment to record highs, and will needlessly prolong the economic pain you're feeling.

Obama is ACORN is SEIU is Project Vote is Citizens Service Inc is SorosWhen Barack Obama ran for President, he portrayed himself as a reasonable and moderate Democrat with help from the mainstream media. He is not what he claimed to be. He has always been joined at the hip to his former employer ACORN, Big Labor, and the most extreme elements of the radical left-wing fringe. He believes in their cause, wants what they want, and lies about it non-stop. He doesn't care about "the little guy", nor does he have your best interests at heart.

What he and his fellow smiling and soft-spoken radicals want is more power, and they'll take your property and your liberty to get it ... if you let them. The warnings were there before the election, and the warnings were right. There's still time to stop the slide toward utter ruin.

Don't just sit there hoping for change. Look at what that got us.

Handouts For Hookers sticker

When you think "ACORN", think "Barack Obama."

When you think "Barack Obama", think "Obamacare."

Video: latest ACORN sting in San Bernardino


For your viewing disgust, courtesy of Big Government, here's part one:

Remember ... ACORN is using your tax dollars to conduct these activities. Are you tired of this scummy group yet?


9:15 PM Update: The ACORN employee in the pink shirt is Tresa Kaelke (née Tresa Berhow, née Tresa Parten), who claims to speak regularly with politicians like California State Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod and U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer. Babs denies it, of course.

A total cutoff of federal funds to ACORN?


Boy oh boy, I hope so. These crooks don't understand Americans who value individual liberty and limited government, but we understand them and their entire rotten playbook. Their houses are built on sand, and we're the onrushing tide. Stand by for a collapse.

A simple question for progressives (#12)


Are the stated goals of ACORN substantially the same as yours ... and do you expect anyone to believe you if you deny it?

A teaser from last night:

Saul Alinsky's corpse must be spinning at high RPM right now. Set your DVR to record Glenn Beck's show on Fox News Channel this afternoon. It's gonna be a doozy.

Hat tip: Freedom's Lighthouse


9:58 AM Update: Glenn just said on the radio that it concerns an admission of murder. This is gonna be quite a video, it seems.

Obama is ACORN is SEIU is Project Vote is Citizens Service Inc is SorosDo you remember Project Vote's efforts on behalf of Barack Obama's presidential campaign? Do you remember the $832,598.29 "oopsie" of a payment from Obama's campaign to ACORN affiliate Citizens Services, Inc.? Did you know that although Barack Obama lies about having worked for ACORN, he admits that he used to run Project Vote? Did you know that Karyn Gillette was the Development Director of Project Vote during Obama's presidential campaign, and that she was involved in those shady deals that helped Obama win? Want more proof? Here's all the documentation you could ever want.

Keep all of this in mind as more ACORN scandals hit the news this week.

... according to the not-so-subtle excuse offered by NPR blogger Frank James in defense of ACORN:

Frank JamesMeanwhile, conservatives show no signs of letting up.


It's also important to keep in mind that ACORN's workers are coming from the same low-income neighborhoods the organization serves, with all that entails -- poor schools, high crime and the sorts of social problems that have been documented for decades.

So the flaws conservatives are pointing out about ACORN are not so much problems associated with that organization per se but more about the problems of being poor and minority in urban America.

Wow. The sheer chutzpah here is breathtaking. This isn't proof of a problem with ACORN per se? According to his logic, every organization serving poor urban minorities (and employing same) must also be riddled with criminals. I suspect quite a few non-profits based in heavily urbanized areas would vehemently protest Mr. James' blanket slur.

What alternate universe does he live in? In JamesWorld, we are expected to gaze in condescending pity upon community organizers advising would-be politicians how to get away with mortgage fraud, tax evasion, and child prostitution. After all, the community organizers are those people. You know what he means, right? Wink-wink, nudge-nudge ... the ones who have dark skin and no money and live in the 'hood. They don't know any better, the poor dears.

Good Lord, what racist bilge!


9/15 Update: Maura Flynn gets it.

9/16 Update: Gregory of Yardale gets it too.

Senate votes to partially de-fund ACORN


The vote was 83-7, with 9 not voting. Incredibly, überliberal Sherrod Brown (D-OH) voted with the majority. He's worried about his re-election prospects. He should be.

Now let's see which way former labor lawyer and perpetual union suck-up Rep. Betty Sutton (D-OH) decides to go.

Next, the Congress needs to pass a stimulus clawback of any and all funds that end up in ACORN's coffers.

Expose ACORN, get prosecuted


Here's a not-so-subtle warning to any uppity American in Baltimore thinking of exposing the scummy and crooked organization that spawned President Obama: if you embarrass ACORN by revealing its true nature, you'll become a target for the State's Attorney, a slavering Obamabot prosecutor.

Obama's prosecutor threatens ACORNbusters


Patricia Jessamy is the Maryland State's Attorney responsible for Baltimore. When she heard that two conservatives went undercover with a hidden camera and busted ACORN for facilitating child prostitution, mortgage fraud, and several other scuzzy activities, she wrote them a commendation.

Just kidding. She's threatening to send them to jail for up to 5 years.

Here's the kicker: Ms. Jessamy contributed $1000 to Barack Obama's presidential campaign. Funny how that works.

So ACORN encourages child prostitution, huh?


Since Andrew Breitbart and Glenn Beck have broken the news that ACORN, Barack Obama's favorite bunch of community organizers, have been caught on camera in a prostitution and mortgage fraud scheme, I figured the whole mess needed a catchy title to get noticed by the mainstream media.

Click for the full-size graphic:

Handouts For Hookers (small)

Sure beats something lame like "Hookergate", doesn't it? For more on ACORN, click the banner below:

12:50 PM Update: The "hooker" speaks. Here's a bit of advice for any lefty/union thug intent on harming her ... don't be stupid.

2:00 PM Update: Buy a bumper sticker for $3.54:

Handouts For Hookers sticker

How much worse can Obama's corruption get?


What would it take for President Barack Obama's administration to collapse?

  • A dozen czars resigning in disgrace?
  • A Cabinet member or two caught taking bribes?
  • Another attack by islamic terrorists?
  • Hyperinflation?
  • A presidential sex scandal?

I'm just wondering, since the stench of radical leftism in Washington is getting so bad that I can smell it all the way out here in Cleveland.

Mike Adams has found another radical feminist raw nerve on which to tap dance.

Just dropped into my inbox:

Fellow Alums: The Superintendent of the Academy, RADM J. Scott Burhoe, asked me to forward the following email, which he has distributed to the Academy staff re: the Alex Simonka investigation.

CDR Jim Sylvester, USCG (ret) '71
USCGA Alumni Association


Dear Academy Community,

We all were deeply impacted by the tragic death of Alex Simonka last March. People have come to me wanting to know more facts to replace rumor and innuendo. Although I and the Academy administration strive to be transparent, we couldn't share more information about the allegations of misappropriation of Coast Guard Academy Athletic Association (CGAAA) funds because doing so could have jeopardized an ongoing investigation.

Alex SimonkaWhen I previously reported that the U.S. Attorney had launched an independent investigation, I said I would say more when authorized to do so. The U.S. Attorney's office has now given me permission to share critical facts. I've chosen to share them internally, understanding they will reach a wider audience. Public trust of institutions like ours requires complete, accurate public disclosure to preserve the high ethical standards we represent.

The investigation began in early 2008 after an anonymous letter was received by Government Accountability Office Fraudnet, and was referred to the Coast Guard Investigative Service. The letter expressed concern regarding the possible misuse of CGAAA funds. The subsequent investigation estimated that approximately $1.4 million had been embezzled from the CGAAA between 2004 and 2009.

In addition to being the Women's Basketball Coach, Mr. Simonka was the Athletic Division Business Manager and CGAAA Director since 1993. In these positions, he played an essential role in the management and expenditure of CGAAA funds. When we were first advised of possible wrongdoing in August 2008, we acted immediately to remove his authority over CGAAA's accounts.

Continuing concerns by the investigators led me to decide to place Mr. Simonka on administrative leave, and the Assistant Superintendent informed him during a face-to-face meeting on March 11, 2009. Although Mr. Simonka was not asked any questions, he offered a general apology and expressed regret. The Assistant Superintendent informed Mr. Simonka of the availability of counseling and support services - including services available through the Employee Assistance Program and at the Academy.

Mr. Simonka was first interviewed by the investigators on March 10 and he admitted embezzling CGAAA funds since sometime in 1999 or 2000, which he said were used to gamble. Mr. Simonka wrote checks from the CGAAA's account payable to himself. In order to avoid detection, he created a record of "dummy checks" that made them appear to be payments to a legitimate vendor or for a legitimate CGAAA purpose.

Mr. Simonka told investigators he was solely responsible for the thefts and the investigation found no evidence that any other Coast Guard employee was involved in Mr. Simonka's actions. The amount of funds taken before 2004 could not be determined. Unfortunately, it does not appear that the Academy will be able to recover any of the lost funds.

We cooperated fully throughout the investigation and I thank the U.S. Attorney, the Coast Guard Investigative Service, Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigations Division, and Department of Homeland Security Inspector General which diligently investigated this matter.

The CGAAA operated for more than half a century, and developed its own ad hoc practices which lacked adequate internal controls such as segregation of duties and effective oversight over handling of funds. Before the reports that spurred the investigation, we had already begun the process of converting the CGAAA to a nonappropriated fund instrumentality under the auspices of the Assistant Commandant for Human Resources who approved it on March 24, 2009.

The former CGAAA is now the "Coast Guard Academy Athletic Activity Fund" and it is subject to the same financial management regulations that govern all similar instrumentalities, like the Coast Guard Exchange and the Cadet Fund. These regulations require segregation of duties to ensure that no one person handles all elements of a transaction. They also require greater transparency of fiscal operations and regular oversight by the Academy Comptroller.

With the cooperation of the Director of Athletics we have transformed the financial management methods of the Athletics Division. After implementing appropriate lessons learned, we will move forward with confidence that processes now in place will protect the integrity and effectiveness of these programs that are so important to Academy life.

RADM J. Scott Burhoe
Superintendent, USCGA

U.S. Coast Guard Academy Alumni Assn
47 Mohegan Ave
New London, CT 06320

This is gonna get uglier before it quiets down.

Video: Rahm Emanuel's ties


Hey, what's that foul stench? Smells like dead fish ...

Those stripes mean something, dummy


I took this picture on July 28th just outside Fat Head's Saloon (click for full size):

Jackass in a handicapped parking zone

I'm pretty sure that car belongs to one of the owners of the brewery. What a jerk.

Senator Teddy Kennedy (D-MA) is one of 16 people who will receive America's highest civilian award on August 12th.

Mary Jo Kopechne could not be reached for comment.

Rove, you magnificent bastard


My mind boggles at the the sheer brilliance of it all. Even though he left the government on August 13, 2007, Karl Rove managed to start 2500 Department of Justice investigations into innocent community leaders from industrial states in the Great Lakes region. Everybody knows that Rove hates overweight Italian Democrats, especially when they stand in the way of his continuing attempts to suppress voter turnout among blacks eager to vote for Our Lord and Savior Barack Obama.

Why else would County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora and County Auditor Frank Russo be under investigation?

No corruption here. They're as pure as the wind-driven snow! You know the fix is in when two editors from that obvious right-wing rag, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, are seen plotting over dinner with the arch-conservative "Uncle Bob" Bennett, former head of the Ohio Republican Party.

Only a brilliant intellect of Jimmy Dimora's prodigious stature could untangle the wispy tendrils of this wingnut conspiracy, a plan so incredibly subtle that it continues to unfold during the administration of its original target. Only the sinister mind of Darth Rove could manipulate the levers of power so deftly that even President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have not detected the plot. Thankfully we have Jimmy Dimora to rely upon, so that the well-meaning but clearly misguided Department of Justice can investigate its own investigation and stop itself from mindlessly marching to the Evil One's tune.

Hats off to Karl Rove, the evil criminal mastermind! Someday justice will be done, but until then he deserves our grudging admiration.

The Holocaust Museum shooter ...


... is an evil, hateful, contemptible piece of scum. Period.

Osama's right to remain silent


It's been said that the Constitution is not a suicide pact. Unfortunately, President Obama's loosey-goosey "living Constitution" apparently has a brand new iron-clad principle: Miranda rights for terrorists.

Obama's wussified seal

Seal by Rusty

This isn't just Obama's fault, either. Thank you, John McCain.

The murder of Dr. George Tiller was an evil act that saved no lives. Here are ten reasons to oppose the supposed "justifiable homicide" of abortionists, as explained by pro-life Christian David P. Gushee in 1995:

  1. The use of intentional premeditated lethal force by private citizens to defend the innocent from harm is morally unjustifiable.
  2. However one describes the innocent, it is clearly unjustifiable to use lethal force in their defense when such defense could have been achieved through nonlethal means--means which are unambiguously available today through the moral, legal and nonviolent forms of pro-life activities. The absence of nonlethal means, moreover, does not in itself provide sufficient warrant for using lethal force to protect the innocent.
  3. The killing of abortion doctors does not constitute a meaningful defense of unborn life, because the woman seeking the abortion drives the process, not the doctor. Thus if we really seek to prevent abortion, we will lovingly provide the pregnant woman with appropriate support and viable alternatives to abortion.
  4. The use of lethal force is not justifiable as a form of privately initiated capital punishment, as some have claimed.
  5. The killing of abortion doctors is not morally legitimate as an act of civil disobedience.
  6. The use of lethal force cannot be viewed as an act of resistance to a government which has lost its legitimacy by permitting abortion. The U.S. government retains its legitimacy, and Christians should continue to seek redress through the political system.
  7. The transition from nonviolent to violent forms of action for social/legal change is a perilous and almost always morally unjustifiable step, particularly in a functioning democracy.
  8. The resort to violence as a means leads to a morally disastrous shift of ends, the focus of the activist becoming the destruction of wrongdoers rather than the prevention of wrongs.
  9. A social movement's resort to violence tends to escalate rapidly. The strict limits imposed by just war type thinking are supplanted by crusade-like approaches leading to ever more indiscriminate violence.
  10. The resort to violence is indisputably hurting the cause of the pro-life movement.

Read the whole article for a more in-depth treatment.

On the murder of George Tiller


In response to today's murder of abortionist George Tiller, I'll quote (with my complete approval) the abortion violence statement put forth by the long-time pro-life advocates at Stand To Reason:

It's always wrong to take a human life without proper justification. Abortion is such a wrong because it takes the life of a valuable, innocent, human being without good reason. Therefore, it is morally obligatory for civilized people to campaign vigorously against such a wrong and use appropriate means to end it.

In opposing this evil, one is justified in using only the degree of force necessary to stop any harm that it is within his power to prevent. Therefore, one is never justified in using lethal force when other measures are available.

Since there are no imaginable circumstances in which lethal force is the only means available to end the harm of abortion, then lethal means are never justified.

Killing abortionists is, therefore, also an example of taking human life without proper justification. To do so would be to violate the basic principle of life that pro-lifers are committed to defending.

Therefore, Stand to Reason does not condone violence to end the harm of abortion and does not knowingly associate with those who do.

I hope the murderer is brought to justice swiftly.

Oh, those wacky Black Panthers! Gosh, they sure do the darnedest things. I'm sure a little talking-to is all that's needed to make them straighten up and fly right.

I guess it's only racism if Whitey does it.

H/T: Ace

Update: Please read the affidavit of a civil rights titan who knows voter intimidation when he sees it.

The effort to nail ACORN through the RICO statute continues:

The Buckeye Institute, a Columbus-based think tank, Friday filed objections to a federal Magistrate's conclusion that individual voters lack standing to protect their voting rights from groups like the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) and Project Vote.

The Buckeye Institute's objections are the latest turn in a case seeking to designate ACORN as enterprise engaged in organized crime and revoke its license to engage in unlawful [sic] voter registration in Ohio. The objection cites to federal cases from the civil rights-era, where courts found that citizens had standing to protect their civil rights from Ku Klux Klan intimidation.

"The right to cast a vote in an election that is not perpetually threatened with dilution by unlawful votes is a fundamental right, and if Ohio voters like Ms. Miller and Ms. Grant cannot enforce that right, the right itself is eviscerated," Maurice Thompson, Director of the Buckeye Institute's 1851 Center for Constitutional Law said.


The Magistrate's recommendations come on the heels of the Nevada Attorney General's decision to indict ACORN for crimes similar to those alleged in the Buckeye Institute's Complaint.

Keep up the good work, Buckeye Institute!

What a shock ... the New York Times covered Obama's butt during the 2008 election, preventing an unfavorable October surprise:

A lawyer involved with legal action against Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) told a House Judiciary subcommittee on March 19 The New York Times had killed a story in October that would have shown a close link between ACORN, Project Vote and the Obama campaign because it would have been a "a game changer."

Heather Heidelbaugh, who represented the Pennsylvania Republican State Committee in the lawsuit against the group, recounted for the ommittee what she had been told by a former ACORN worker who had worked in the group's Washington, D.C. office. The former worker, Anita Moncrief, told Ms. Heidelbaugh last October, during the state committee's litigation against ACORN, she had been a "confidential informant for several months to The New York Times reporter, Stephanie Strom."

Ms. Moncrief had been providing Ms. Strom with information about ACORN's election activities. Ms. Strom had written several stories based on information Ms. Moncrief had given her.

During the March 19th hearing, Heidelbaugh testified (emphasis mine):

The New York Times articles stopped when Ms. Moncrief, who is a Democrat and a supporter of the President, revealed that the Obama Presidential Campaign had sent its maxed out donor list to Karen Gillette of the Washington, DC ACORN office and asked Gillette and Ms. Moncrief to reach out to the maxed out donors and solicit donations from them for Get Out the Vote efforts to be run by ACORN. Upon learning this information and receiving the list of donors from the Obama Campaign, Ms. Strom reported to Ms. Moncrief that her editors at the New York Times wanted her to kill the story because, and I quote, "it was a game changer". That's when Ms. Moncrief telephoned me on October 21, 2008. Ms. Strom never wrote another article about ACORN for the New York Times for the remainder of the period before Election Day, i.e. November 4, 2008.

Can you say "illegal coordination"? I knew you could.


12:10 AM Update: NixGuy has more.

Watching the fraudulent activities of ACORN here in Ohio has left me wondering how they've been getting away with it. It sure seemed plain to me that our Secretary of State, the über-partisan Jennifer Brunner, has a soft spot in her heart for this merry band of fraudsters. I couldn't point to any blatantly obvious connection between Brunner and ACORN (other than shameless Obama-worship), but I had a hunch there was more than meets the eye.

Thank God for Maggie Thurber:

Gillette is identified on Jennifer Brunner's 2006 campaign website as a consultant. A blog entry by Brunner's husband Rick talks about that relationship, saying: "our candidate had gone earlier in the day to have some meetings and work out of Karyn Gillette's office." He also describes Gillette as "very helpful to the campaign."

According to campaign finance reports that were filed, Gillette was paid $21,250 by Brunner's campaign. She has a longtime history of serving as a fundraising consultant to Ohio Democrats.


But that's not all. Gillette is not Brunner's only tie to ACORN. Members of the group's voter registration arm, Project Vote, regularly advise Brunner on election strategy, previously serving on her Voter Rights Institute and even recently issuing a news release claiming credit for Brunner's directive banning challenges to suspected fraudulent voter registrations.

So our Secretary of State shares a campaign advisor with ACORN, takes direction from ACORN's voter registration arm, and refuses to verify over 200,000 mismatched registrations while claiming there is no voter fraud going on in Ohio...and that attention to such frivolous issues distracts her from doing her job.

Let's see Brunner try to wriggle out of this.

Obama's campaign removed the safeguards that prevent fraudulent online campaign donations that exceed federal limits, come from overseas, or come from false addresses ... and they've just been caught red-handed. I wonder how much of Obama's war chest consists of illegal donations?

ACORN must be proud.

By the way, the McCain web site has these security features enabled, so it rejects fraudulent donations.

ACORN voter fraud 101


Jim Hoft has put together a comprehensive guide to ACORN voter fraud. It's an essential read.

RICO suit filed against ACORN


The Buckeye Institute has targeted ACORN and Project Vote in Ohio:

COLUMBUS - The Buckeye Institute, a Columbus-based think tank, today filed a state RICO action against the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) on behalf of two Warren County voters. The action filed in Warren County Court of Common Pleas alleges ACORN has engaged in a pattern of corrupt activity that amounts to organized crime. It seeks ACORN's dissolution as a legal entity, the revocation of any licenses in Ohio, and an injunction against fraudulent voter registration and other illegal activities.

Plaintiffs Jennifer Miller of Mason, Ohio and Kimberly Grant of Loveland, allege that ACORN's actions deprive them of the right to participate in an honest and effective elections process. They allege fraudulent voter registrations submitted by ACORN dilute the votes of legally registered voters.

"The right to cast a vote that is not diluted by fraudulent votes is a fundamental individual right," Buckeye Institute President David Hansen said.

"ACORN appears to be recklessly disregarding Ohio laws and adding thousands of fraudulent voters to the state's roles in the process," Maurice Thompson, Director of the Buckeye Institute's 1851 Center for Constitutional Law said. "Such voter fraud erodes the value of legally cast votes," he added.

In the complaint, Thompson cites an accumulation of evidence showing numerous instances of admitted fraud by ACORN employees, as well as individuals solicited by ACORN.

"In light of its hiring, training and compensation practices, ACORN should have known its conduct would cause fraud," Thompson said. "It also should know that its conduct will cause fraud in the future."

Here's a copy of the filing. What are they asking for?

(1) The dissolution of Defendant ACORN, pursuant to R.C. 2923.34(C)(3).12

(2) The revocation of any license or permit that allows Defendant ACORN to carry on its business in the State of Ohio, pursuant to R.C. 2923.34(C)(4).

(3) The imposition of restrictions upon Defendant ACORN's future political and elections-related activities, including restrictions that prohibit the Defendants from engaging in the same type of activity that has produced the pattern of corrupt activity articulated in this Complaint, pursuant to R.C. 2923.34(C)(2).

(4) The imposition of a restriction prohibiting ACORN from circumventing such a court order through the use of third-party operations or sham organizations.

(5) The awarding of attorneys fees to Plaintiffs, pursuant to R.C. 2923.34(G).

(6) The awarding such other and further relief as the court shall deem just and equitable.

Bravo! Nail their asses to the wall.

Incidentally, this recent letter from the director of Cleveland ACORN is good for a laugh.

Update 1: When you hear ACORN claim that it's a non-partisan organization, just read this e-mail from ACORN soliciting paid canvassers for Obama.

Update 2: In order to dissolve ACORN or revoke its licenses, Ohio law [O.R.C. 2923.34(C)] requires the Ohio Attorney General to intervene (legalese for "join") in the Buckeye Institute's suit:

Relief pursuant to division (B)(3), (4), or (5) of this section shall not be granted in any civil proceeding instituted by an injured person unless the attorney general intervenes in the civil action pursuant to this division.

Upon the filing of a civil proceeding for relief under division (B)(3), (4), or (5) of this section by an allegedly injured person other than a prosecuting attorney, the allegedly injured person immediately shall notify the attorney general of the filing. The attorney general, upon timely application, may intervene in any civil proceeding for relief under division (B)(3), (4), or (5) if the attorney general certifies that, in the attorney general's opinion, the proceeding is of general public interest. In any proceeding brought by an injured person under division (B)(3), (4), or (5) of this section, the attorney general is entitled to the same relief as if the attorney general instituted the proceeding.

Fortunately, Ohio's Attorney General isn't corrupt Democrat Marc Dann anymore; he was impeached and resigned in disgrace.

Unfortunately, the interim AG is Democrat Nancy Rogers, who isn't staying in the post. Since she doesn't want to keep the AG job, she has no incentive to intervene in the RICO suit. She has nothing to lose by ignoring Ohio voters' anger over ACORN.

Don't hold your breath waiting for the Ohio Attorney General to take any action against ACORN.

Update 3: What a kind thing to say!

ACORN fraud in Lake County, Indiana


ACORN submitted roughly 5,000 new voter registrations to officials in Lake County, Indiana. Of the first 2,100 registrations reviewed so far, the running total of fraudulent registrations is: 2,100.

ACORN only admits to making a few bad hires, and mainly blames election officials who supposedly are "not doing their jobs."


These ACORN crooks are Barack Obama's allies.

H/T: Ace of Spades

CNN notices ACORN


It's no longer just a news item for conservative talk radio, righty blogs, and Fox News. CNN has been forced to cover the fraudulent activities of ACORN, the group of community organizers that Barack Obama once worked for.

ACORN has been very busy in Pennsylvania lately, not to mention in Ohio. What does Obama know about ACORN's voter fraud schemes?

H/T: Hot Air

More ACORN voter fraud in Ohio


ACORN submitted fraudulent voter registrations in Cuyahoga County? Say it ain't so:

Cuyahoga County Election Board members grilled representatives of a community group Tuesday about their links to suspicious voter registration cards.

In one case, a Cleveland resident was registered to vote three times in a single day, listing two different addresses.

The man's registration was submitted to the Board of Elections by ACORN.

The board discussed several other cases of multiple registrations at their meeting. ACORN was involved in each case, although not for all entries by the same individuals.


Election officials subpoenaed three voters to appear before the Board next week to explain their mulitple registrations.

The list includes a Cuyahoga County resident whose name appears on 22 registration cards submitted in six months.

I'm as surprised by ACORN's fraud as I am by each morning's sunrise. C'mon, it's what they do.

ACORN fraud revealed in Las Vegas


Barack Obama's favorite community organizers are at it again:

The secretary of state's office launched an investigation after noticing that names did not match addresses and that most members of the Dallas Cowboys appeared to be registering in Nevada to vote in November's general election.

"Some of these (forms) were facially fraudulent; we basically had the starting lineup for the Dallas Cowboys," Secretary of State Ross Miller said. "Tony Romo is not registered to vote in Nevada. Anyone trying to pose as Terrell Owens won't be able to cast a ballot."

Agents with the secretary of state and state attorney general offices served a search warrant on the headquarters of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, at 953 E. Sahara Ave. shortly after 9 a.m. They seized voter registration forms and computer databases to determine how many fake forms were submitted and identify employees who were responsible.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas ... especially when it's "lazy crack-heads" helping Obama get elected.

More here and here.

The playlist below contains the full video "Obama & Friends - History Of Radicalism", aired just this past weekend on Hannity's America. As each segment ends, the next one should start automatically. If there's a hitch between segments, just click the big arrow that will appear at the right side of the box and you'll manually fast forward to the next segment.

Barack Obama's defenders accuse arguments like this one of irrelevance or unfairness. Assigning guilt by association can certainly be unfair to someone with an unsavory friend or two, especially if the target of the accusation clearly doesn't share the lowlife's beliefs or actions. Every nationally-known politician has a lot of friends and associates, so it stands to reason that some of those people will be less than stellar examples of moral uprightness. The law of averages plays a part in the makeup of any large group of people.

But some politicians surround themselves with crowds of bad people. Consider Richard Nixon, the former Republican President who resigned in disgrace to avoid impeachment. He selected the advisors and political operatives who helped him climb the political ladder all the way to the top. These surrogates were masters of dirty politics, who committed the Watergate break-in that brought down Nixon's administration.

When Nixon uttered his famous "I am not a crook" line, nobody took him seriously. While he didn't personally break into the Democratic Party offices at the Watergate Hotel, he surrounded himself with the crooks and scumbags who did. He knew exactly how immoral and un-American his friends and associates were, so he delegated the dirty tricks to them. He hoped to keep his own hands clean by claiming he had nothing to do with a few overzealous bad apples, but Washington Post journalists Woodward and Bernstein exposed the truth: Nixon's friends and associates were a barrel full of bad apples.

There were far too many shady characters around him for Nixon to claim it was all happenstance. Either he was incredibly naive and stupid when it came to his executive responsibility to select and lead his subordinates, or he craved the power of the presidency so much that he would do anything to maintain it. Either way, Nixon was unfit to remain in office.

A president's character is reflected by the character of his friends and associates. Keep that in mind as you watch the video above. What does the character of Barack Obama's friends and associates say about his character?

Let's apply the same standards to everyone seeking the presidency.

Just like clockwork, and just like the Ohio Republican Party warned would happen, the corrupt community organizers of ACORN have begun their effort to elect Barack Obama by committing massive voter registration fraud.

The full story should wake you up, if you're still asleep.


Update: More on ACORN fraud in Ohio here and here.

9/17 Update: When you think "ACORN", think "Obamacare."


9/11/2009 Update: Child prostitution!


Barack Obama prides himself on his career as a community organizer. Back then, he worked for an organization called the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), to which he still has extensive ties. Before digging into Obama's links to ACORN, it's important to understand exactly how corrupt and anti-American this organization truly is.

I've dug around through tons of resources online to come up with this collection of information that reveals the vast corruption perpetrated by ACORN. Take a few moments to read through the reports and learn about the organization that created Barack Obama.

ACORN's Hypocritical House Of Cards: How One "Community" Group Helped the Housing Crisis Harm Taxpayers (Consumers Rights League):

This report focuses on the troubling record of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) and its tax-exempt offshoot, the ACORN Housing Corporation (AHC). The ACORN/AHC version of consumer advocacy has consisted of a three-decade assault on free enterprise and a history of extracting resources from financial lenders seeking abatement of ACORN's public relations assaults. Specifically, this report examines ACORN's impact on the housing problem. Documents provided by internal whistleblowers, cross-checked with public records and recorded events, expose hypocritical lending recommendations tied to ACORN Housing Corporation's agreements with major banks--agreements that end up harming consumers.

Media reports, combined with information provided by former ACORN employees, show that:

  • ACORN leveraged the Community Reinvestment Act in order to attack lenders' reputations and secure financial resources for itself; it has also endorsed loans offered by companies that fund ACORN operations
  • ACORN's decades of lobbying and publicity seeking have contributed to the current housing crisis by lowering lending standards
  • Despite raking in a troubling 40 percent of its revenue from taxpayers over the last three years, ACORN Housing Corporation's actions range from controversial to borderline illegal:
  • AHC has worked to obtain mortgages for undocumented workers
  • AHC relies on undocumented income, "under the table" money that may not be reported to the Internal Revenue Service
  • ACORN's "financial justice" operations attack lenders for "exotic" loans, but AHC has recommended ten-year interest-only loans (which deny equity to the buyer) and reverse mortgages (which can be detrimental to senior citizens)
  • AHC may have violated federal law by failing to maintain a proper distinction between its tax-exempt housing work and the aggressive political activities of ACORN

Voter Turnout or Voter Fraud?: Interest Groups Push for Election Reform (Johnathan Bechtle, Capital Research Center):

In 2004 liberal advocacy groups focused their activism on "getting-out-the-vote." The groups typically urged all Americans to vote, but their real goal was more explicit. They wanted to count as many anti-Bush votes as possible. At what point did voter turnout become voter fraud?


ACORN makes a point of asserting that lawsuits brought against it have been rejected or withdrawn. But in 2004 its employees were the subject of numerous reports of registration fraud in Ohio, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico and Wisconsin. Project Vote [a group created by ACORN and led by Barack Obama] denies that it deliberately orchestrated any registration fraud. But a stream of television and newspaper stories reported on the shady practices its workers used to register people to vote.


To make matters worse, taxpayers indirectly pay for these shady efforts. ACORN has a number of affiliates providing mortgage financing and counseling for low-income persons. The principal affiliate, the ACORN Housing Corporation, received over $2.6 million in government grants in 2003-2004. Some state-based ACORN housing affiliates receive smaller amounts of government funding. With this base of taxpayer support, ACORN is free to channel its member dues funds and donor gifts to political activities. Despite its claim to nonpartisanship, ACORN ran a minimum wage ballot initiative drive in the 2004 Florida election that, according to an internal memo revealed in a 2005 report by the American Center for Voting Rights, was run "to help defeat George W. Bush and other Republicans by increasing Democratic turnout ..."

Rotten ACORN: America's Bad Seed (July, 2006, Employment Policies Institute):

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now is registered as a non-profit corporation in Arkansas, which does not require public financial disclosure. According to labor activist and scholar Peter Dreier, ACORN's annual operating budget is around $30 million. The New York Times subsequently reported that the figure is closer to $37.5 million, excluding the non-profit research and housing organizations the group runs. Even this estimate likely does not include the vast resources of the ACORN-run unions or reflect election-year resources given to its ostensibly non-partisan get-out-the-vote efforts.

Because it operates a virtual self-contained economy, ACORN entities exchange millions of dollars every year for goods and services. The scant financial documents available for public inspection paint a picture of a spider web of ACORN-run organizations that trade loans, leases, payments, and grants.


ACORN's no-holds-barred take on politics originates from its philosophy, which is centered on power. An internal ACORN manual instructed organizers to sign up as many residents as possible because "this is a mass organization directed at political power where might makes right."


The frequency with which ACORN employees are caught turning in fraudulent or erroneous documents indicates the group cares less about obeying laws than pushing its political agenda. When it is periodically forced to answer allegations of fraud, ACORN downplays the harm of its crimes or shifts blame to supposedly rogue employees, whom the organization then fires.

$1 Million Scandal Latest To Hit ACORN (release from the Consumers Rights League):

ACORN and its affiliates have a multi-decade history of fraud and abuse of taxpayer funds. Recently, the Consumers Rights League released a whistleblower report that uses internal ACORN documents to highlight alleged misuses of taxpayer money by ACORN Housing Corp, which took in 40% of its funds from the government and sent more than a million dollars to ACORN's affiliate, Citizens Consulting.

Now, The New York Times reports ("Funds Misappropriated at 2 Nonprofit Groups," June 9)that ACORN has hid since 2001 the embezzlement of nearly $1 million by the brother of ACORN's founder from that same organization--Citizens Consulting.

Additionally, ACORN is currently under investigation for potential voter fraud all across the nation. With millions of dollars transferred from AHC to these affiliates, it is entirely plausible that taxpayer funds are funding much of this fraud.


ACORN and ACORN fraternal organizations' multi-decade record of partisanship and misusing public funds is a prime example of a broken system. They continuously turn in faulty, if not false, voter registration forms that threaten to disenfranchise voters on Election Day. They have repeatedly used taxpayer funds to bolster their own political ends. Eventually, taxpayer money ended up in the pockets of the brother of ACORN's founder and ACORN attempted to hide the truth for years.

Written Testimony Of James Terry, Chief Public Advocate, Consumers Rights League (Wednesday, September 24, 2008):

My name is James Terry and I am the chief public advocate at the Consumers Rights League, a non-profit education and advocacy organization dedicated to preserving consumer choice in a broad array of issue areas.


The Consumers Rights League provides an alternative voice from those organizations that argue for reduced consumer choice or increased government intervention as a policy of first choice. CRL supports all aggressive efforts to educate, motivate, register, and assist all citizens in voting so long as those efforts are legal. Unfortunately, there are some groups that do not seem to share this concern.

As part of CRL's mandate, we monitor policy debates, news trends and the activities of organizations that style themselves as consumer advocates. Unfortunately, due to their long track record of questionable or corrupt practices with respect to housing and electoral activities, we are constantly forced to act as a watchdog for abuses by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN. To be sure, there are some well-meaning individuals who are a part of ACORN.

Unfortunately, they do not appear to be the ones in control. Firsthand accounts from current and former ACORN employees, major news stories, and court cases across the country, expose corruption at every level of ACORN including embezzlement, cover-ups, misuse of taxpayer funds and voter fraud. While all of the reported allegations noted in my statement are found in the public domain, such reports often go unnoticed by the national media.

Whistleblower Documents Reveal ACORN's Apparent Misuse Of Taxpayer Dollars to Pursue Profitable Political Agenda (June 18, 2008 release from the Consumers Rights League):

Today, the Consumers Rights League (CRL) published a collection of whistleblower documents that suggest the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) has reaped substantial financial gains by misusing taxpayer dollars for political ends and by attacking lending corporations for the same "predatory" lending practices it regularly engages in.

The ACORN Housing Association (AHC), an ACORN affiliate that receives over 40% of its funding from government sources, claims to be a consumer advocate. In a newly-released report from CRL, however, a series of documents obtained from a whistleblower source reveals hypocritical and potentially illegal use of taxpayer dollars by ACORN and its related organizations. These documents - which include staff emails and internal organization policies - suggest that ACORN has failed to maintain a proper distinction between its tax-exempt housing work and its aggressive political activities.

The facts behind the current economic crisis


If you've asked yourself "What caused the bank crisis?" or "Who is responsible for this financial mess?" ... here's the answer.

This is a prime example of what happens when Barack Obama's core beliefs are enacted as economic policy. In the name of "affordable housing for all", Washington liberals ruined the mortgage market with foolish regulations, caused countless home foreclosures, and stuffed their own pockets with money in the process.

A volunteer for Congressional candidate Ashwin Madia (D-MN) picked a very bad time to use a favorite liberal campaign tactic. A researcher for opposing candidate Eric Paulsen (R-MN) caught her on film in the act of stealing Paulsen signs from supporters' lawns.

To quote Ed Morrissey: "What's dumber than stealing lawn signs? Getting caught stealing lawn signs. What's even dumber than that? Using a campaign official's car as your get-away vehicle."

Can someone explain to me why Hillary Clinton still gets away with this stuff? Why aren't the Republican candidates hammering her? We're talking about felonies here.

Hat tip: Hot Air

This appears to be genuine.

$1000 reward for reporting a felon's donation to Hillary Clinton

I love the New Media. And since we're talking about Hillary ...

"Freedom For Today" debt reduction scam


A company called Freedom For Today just called me a few minutes ago and offered me software that will supposedly reduce my credit card debt and boost my credit rating. As annoying as such telemarketing calls are to begin with, this one really got under my skin.

The recorded message sounds almost like it might be coming from your bank's collections department, calling with a "final notice" that you need to act upon. Unless you overcome your alarm and surprise at hearing the phrases "credit card" and "final notice" in the same sentence, you won't realize it's not your bank on the other end of the line.

Worse still, the recording does not identify the source of the call. You have to press 1 to get a human on the line, and it takes some aggressive questioning to get the company's name. But wait. There's more.

My phone number's been on the National Do Not Call Registry since July 1st, 2005. By calling me, this telemarketer violated the Federal Trade Commission's updated Telemarketing Sales Rule. After verifying that my phone number is on the list, I filed a complaint with the FTC against Freedom For Today.

When Freedom For Today calls you, please do what I did and help keep scams like this under control. I'm a big supporter of free markets, and to ensure that our capitalist system runs smoothly the feds do need to stamp out scams like these. It's one of the few things that the federal government should do more of.


12:05 PM 9/11/07 Update: Unbelievable. They just called again. Time to file another complaint.

Michael Vick

Michael Vick oh Michael Vick.  Some enormously paid pro-football quarterback set his mind to dog fighting in his spare time with his disposable income.  Gross.  Someone revoke his license to own pets...if only such a thing existed.  Rather this fool is slapped with federal felony charges.  So he pled to some random marginally related charge and may face time in prison.

So let me get this straight...abortionists run amok in this country; pro-choice supporters are hailed as American heroes.  Baby killing OK.  Dog killing worthy of ruining a career and sending the offender to prison. 

So goes arbitrary values in our society....

Hot Air has a great re-cap of the illegal leaking allegations surrounding fired CIA bigwig Mary McCarthy.

Norm Pattis at Crime & Federalism thinks House Majority Leader Tom DeLay will plead guilty to the conspiracy charge filed against him today:

So why am I so sure he'll plead? A line in the indictment notes that his lawyer waived the statute of limitations on the conspiracy charge during grand jury proceedings. Why would a competent lawyer waive a complete defense? Because worse was on the way if he did not.

Initiates know the practice as charge-bargaining. You see a funnel cloud barreling at you and you ask your local prosecutor, quietly, "on what charges are you willing to take my client if he pleads?" I suspect DeLay will enter a plea late in the year.

DeLay gets time to step aside. House Republicans get a chance to regroup and spin the cancer out of their midst.

I'll go look for a copy of the indictment online before I say much more. (Update: Found a copy in PDF form at ... check the bottom of page 3)

California to actually execute a convict


The State of California will actually carry out a lethal injection tonight. Governor Schwarzenegger denied a clemency request, so the state will execute Donald Beardslee for a double murder he committed in 1981 ... while on parole for another murder he committed in Missouri. He'll only be the eleventh death row inmate executed since California reinstituted the death penalty in 1978.

"I am not moved to mercy by the fact that Beardslee has been a model prisoner," the governor said. "I expect no less."

That's as it should be. It appears that common sense is making a comeback in California, which is a good thing ... since there are only 639 inmates left on Death Row.

Blog swarm gathers around Conyers


Captain Ed over at Captain's Quarters may well be touching off a blog swarm around Michigan Democrat Congressman John Conyers, whose staff stands accused of taking charity Christmas turkeys and giving them to friends instead of to Detroit's hungry and needy.

Conyers' reaction to press inquiries? Silence.

If he keeps ignoring this story and the blogosphere goes nuclear, you'll be seeing another demonstration of the power of the tail.

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Wizbang! (inevitably tagging it "Turkeygate")
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Blogger unearths L.A. voter fraud


The Tall Glass of Milk over at Drink this... discovered an attempt to use her identity to vote for a certain political party. You get one guess at which one it was.

Democrat voter fraud continues in Ohio


Good Lord, now the Dems down in Franklin County, Ohio are registering terrorists to vote.

When word of this gets out, the turnout among GOP voters in the Buckeye State will blow your mind. I'm a hard-core conservative so I'm already volunteering on Election Day ... but if these outrageous shenanigans continue, my fellow Republicans will be willing to crawl through crushed glass while doused in burning gasoline to get to the polls.

Hat tip: Power Line


More coverage:
Digital Brown Pajamas
Conservative Revolution
trying to grok

Franklin County follies


The Columbus area stands in danger of being the Palm Beach County of the 2004 election. Don't be surprised if you find vote fraud in Franklin County at the top of the news on November 3rd.

If it's not close ...


... they can't cheat. Who am I talking about? The Democrats, of course.

Hugh Hewitt was right.

Remember Operation Give, the blogger-run charity that's sending clothing and supplies to Iraqi children? Remember Atlas Line, the shady shipping company that screwed Operation Give out of $30,000? Guess which shady shipping company is now apparently passing rubber checks for $30,000?

Atlas Line is a shipping company that was under contract to deliver three shipments of charity items to Iraq. Instead, they scammed $30,000 from Operation Give:

Operation Give has shipped three cargo containers full of toys and other donated items for the children of Iraq.

We used the company, Atlas Line, to arrange this for us.

All three cargo containers' passage has been paid in full.

Because of the dangerous situation in Iraq, the Kuwaiti company responsible for the containers required a $10,000 per container deposit after some difficulty delivering the first container to Baghdad. We learned of this AFTER all three containers had been shipped.

Operation Give paid this deposit through Atlas Lines.

The last deposit check for $20,000 was credited to the bank account of Atlas Line on June 20th. This is nearly a month after the first deposit check for $10,000 was credited to their account.

Atlas Line was supposed to WIRE this money to the company in Kuwait immediately upon receipt.

Atlas Line has given various excuses, from saying the bank held the checks, to saying they sent the checks via FedEx, to saying they were sent via regular mail, to claiming they had cleared their accounts, back to saying they would send the checks. ALL of these statements have been shown to be false.

After every excuse, Atlas Line has refused to show even a basic amount of proof that any of actions have been taken.

Read the rest of the post, then contact Atlas Line and pressure them to do the right thing.

Atlas Line (
President: Alicia Ludwig

Atlas Line (USA), Inc.
650 Atlanta South Parkway, Suite 500
Atlanta, GA 30349

Phone: 404-766-4676
Fax: 404-209-8493

Medals of Honor stolen


Backcountry Conservative is tracking a medal-theft story, and requests your help.

Fawaz Damra roundup #1


Fawaz DamraRemember Fawaz Damra? He's the leader of the Islamic Center of Cleveland, and has been indicted for allegedly concealing his ties to terrorism on his immigration application papers in 1994. If convicted, he could be sent to prison for five years, be fined $5000, lose his citizenship, and be deported.

Here's what went down when his trial began yesterday in the U.S. District Court in Akron.

A jury of eight men and four women was selected.

In order to prevent what Judge James S. Gwin considers unfair prejudice, prosecutors have been barred from mentioning Osama bin Laden or his al-Qaeda terror network. Also off-limits: characterizing Damra as a "radical Islamic militant'' or as one of many "dangerous global jihadists.'' Judge Gwin said he would consider allowing the prosecution to use these terms only if it can prove their relevance. Duh.

Testimony from an FBI agent and an NYPD terrorism expert painted a decidedly unflattering portrait of the supposedly moderate muslim:

Special FBI agent Bradley Beman testified that Damra told him during an October 2003 interview that he was a founder of Afghan Refugee Services, also known as al-Kifah, which means "the struggle" in Arabic. The group supported Afghanistan's fight against the Soviets, Beman said.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Cherie Krigsman told jurors in her opening statement earlier Tuesday in U.S. District Court that Damra concealed ties to ARS and the Islamic Committee for Palestine, groups the government classifies as terrorist organizations.


Beman also said that he questioned Damra about a statement he previously made in a speech that the Islamic Committee for Palestine was an active arm of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Beman said Damra told him that he made the statement only to get the crowd worked up.


Detective Louis Napoli of the New York City office of the Joint Terrorism Task Force testified that Afghan Refugee Services was housed in the same Brooklyn, New York building as the Al-Farouq mosque, where Damra was previously the imam.


The prosecution contends that on his application Damra failed to report his arrest in a group fight with security guards at Kennedy International Airport in 1989. An assault charge against Damra was later dismissed.

Damra's lawyers admitted that Damra sympathized with and supported terrorist groups, but they said he was not affiliated with them.

You can watch a brief interview where Damra describes himself as a "peaceful, loving man." Uh ... right, I believe ya, Fawaz.

Life keeps getting stickier for Cleveland muslims. According to The Plain Dealer, two of them have reportedly been fleeced by two of their fellow worshippers. The two men accused of running a huge credit-card scam, Rashied Hassan Mohammad and Mukesh Chokshi, are now being sued by their alleged victims.

The deal seemed simple: Hand over your credit cards to Mohammad and Chokshi, who would use them to buy cooking oil, spices and other commodities at bulk prices. In exchange, they would not only pay your monthly credit-card bills but give you several hundred dollars a month for taking the risk.

Granted, you'd have to be pretty gullible to hand over your credit card to two schmoes, but there's a third person who's being accused of facilitating the fleecing of victims who might otherwise have resisted: Imam Fawaz Damra.

Yes, that Fawaz Damra.

It might have seemed like a shaky proposition -- building a business on high-interest cash advances -- but Damra said it would work, according to three people familiar with the arrangement. Because he is the mosque's prayer leader and the community's adviser on Islamic law, many of his parishioners believed him, they said.

This ought to make Damra's June 15th trial even more interesting.

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