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Don’t steal my bandwidth

If you use my site’s images on your site, instead of hosting them yourself, you drive up my bandwidth use. This costs me money. Then things like this happen.

BEFORE before

AFTER after

If your site is liberal, I’ll substitute a very embarrassing image, instead of a mild one like the above. I’m lookin’ at you, Kos.

Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager

Comedian and podcaster Adam Carolla and talk radio host and author Dennis Prager made waves a few months ago by conducting a live on-stage talk before an audience. Hard to believe? Not really, once you’ve heard them when they get rolling.

Carolla had Prager on his podcast two days ago, and trust me, you need to listen to this episode of the show. It’s both funny and thought-provoking.

At the top of the show, Adam talks about his enjoyment of Dennis Prager’s book, ‘Still The Best Hope’. The guys talk about their upcoming tour together, and why their on-stage chemistry is so charged. Adam then talks with Dennis about a variety of issues in America, including the hypocrisy of beliefs, the importance of parental care, and why we’re really the least racist society in human history.

Later, Adam talks with Dennis about earning your self-esteem as opposed to just being given a trophy for arriving. Adam also talks about the unnecessary step to get fingerprinted to coach his kids’ baseball team, and Dennis discusses the ‘sin’ of offending people. The guys also chat about the ineffectiveness of diversity training, and the mistreatment of smokers in our society. As the show wraps up, Adam praises Dennis for his patience and respect when talking with people who disagree with him.

It’s a free download. Go grab it now while it’s still available.

RINO Threat Level debut

Sparked by Michelle Malkin’s summary of a newly-released ebook for conservatives planning ahead for the inevitable GOP infighting during a potential Romney Administration, I came up with a variation on a familiar theme.

RINO Threat Level

It neatly summarizes our predictions for how the Republican Establishment will justify its opposition to constitutional conservatives over the next several years, if we manage to put them back in power.

Now hear this. Now hear this. Set RINO Threat Level Blue. Check status of all conservative principles. That is all.

Rutherford B. Hayes weighs in on Obama’s biography

The ongoing conservative #ObamaInHistory hashtag mockery of Barack Obama on Twitter brought to mind a recent humor meme involving a decidedly hip Rutherford B. Hayes, so I tried my hand at it.

Behold the meme collision:


5/16 Update: Instalanche? Sort of.

And now the RNC piles on.

Queen Oblivious

By themselves, the following sentiments from a woman’s online dating profile make some sense.

About Me
I can’t believe how many rude and ignorant people there are on this site. What gives anybody the right to talk to another human being in that manner. Why on earth would you judge a book by its cover. That’s what’s wrong with society today, everyone is obsessed with someone’s looks and not what’s inside. Granted, looks play a big part in anyone’s decision but still, give me a break people. I am a quiet, down to earth person and would never judge anyone else. We as humans have no rite to judge another person. The only one to judge us is GOD himself! Whether you think something is right or not, it is not your place to judge or voice your opinion. Why do you think there are so many wars and so much hatred in the world, because pride and ego get in the way. Get off your high horse and come down to reality. If someone offends you or hurts your pride, just be polite and walk away. There is no need for you to justify yourself to someone. It’s a waste of breath and a waste of time. No matter how blue you are in the face by trying to defend yourself, the other person is not going to care, they will only think what they want to think and believe.

Just kinda looking to see who is out there. I’m down to earth, I don’t take any crap from anyone, I love life and never take anything for granted. I am the type of person that I would give you the shirt off my back if you needed it. I don’t cause any trouble, I go to church, i love my job and I am a very loving individual. There is a saying “if you love your job 100%, you will never work a day in your life”. I am happy to be one of those people!!!!!

So with me saying “never judge a book by it’s cover”, please understand that underneath everything that you see in my pictures, I am someone who has a lot more to offer than the average woman, physically and mentally. So if you get my drift then please send me an e-mail and we can get to know each other. 🙂

First Date
Well, I have never been on an actual date before LOL. I have never experienced getting picked up, dressing really nice, going to a fancy dinner….I would just love to have a date and not have it end up on a sexual note. Do guys take women out anymore on dates? Not just a date, but one of those dates where you have to prepare most of the day for, make sure everything is right, pick out your outfit for the evening (do guys even wear ties anymore or wear their pants where they are suppose to be with a tucked in shirt????), hope everything goes well, start at a great restaurant with conversation and light dinner music, maybe end the date with a walk in a park somewhere or go to some kind of show. Does that even exist anymore? I think it only exists in the movies and that people nowadays are just thinking about the sexual aspect of it and just not wanting to put the effort into a date anymore. Just my opinion!

Now consider that the offended prickliness expressed above was accompanied by the following photos (click to enlarge).

Queen Oblivious

Sure, honey, we all take you very seriously, but if you gave someone the shirt off your back it wouldn’t do much. A hankie would be warmer.

The Pretty Darn Exhaustive Obama Nickname List

I’ve collected this pretty darn exhaustive list of appellations for Barack Obama while surfing the conservative side of the Internet. I’ll add to the list as new ones crop up. Feel free to contribute your own.

The list is current as of January 4, 2017.

Backup of DU page with Bush nicknames.
Are you upset by these nicknames? Click here.A Crock O’ Drama
AKOTUS (Ass Kicker Of The United States)
Alfred E. Obama
Alinsky’s Wet Dream
Alinskyite-in-Chief, The
Anointed One, The
Anti-Founder, The
Asshole-in-Chief, The
B. Hussein Obama
Bacrack Obama
Bamster, The
Barack Hussein Alinsky
Barack Hussein Kardashian
Barack Ilyich Lenin
Barack Insane Obama
Barack O’Change Obama
Barack The Magic Negro
Barack The Wealth Spreader
Barack W. Bush
Barack Ovomit
Barack Oralbama
Barack Obabykiller
Barack Oralsex
Barack Omelonpatch
Baracka Claus
Barackus Hubris Maximus
Bareass Banana
Barrack Inseinn O’bowdown
Barrack SoVain Obama
Barry Soetoro
Barry Obowdown, the im-POTUS
Bathhouse Barry
Big Brother
BoBo the Clown
Bowing Barry Sotero
Boy President, The
Bracket Boy
Brokeback Insane O’Bummer
Bystander-in-Chief, The
Campaigner-in-Chief, The
Captain Bullshit
Captain Clueless
Captain KickassCaptain Kickass
Captain Teleprompter
Carter 2.0
Celebrity of The United States, The
Chairman Zero
Chairman Mau-Mau
Chairman Bao
Chairman Bow
Che Obama
Chewbacca’s Husband
Chicago Thug-in-Chief, The
Chicago Charlatan, The
Chief Walking Eagle
Chimpy the Kenyan
Choom Prince, The
Chosen One, The
Coach Dreamy
Commander-in-Thief, The
CommanDERP-in-Chief, The
Community-Organizer-in-Chief, The
Comrade Obama
Comrade Chairman Osama bin Bite-Me
Dear Leader
Dear Reader
Demagogue-in-Chief, The
Depression President, The
Divider, The
Dog-Eating Sarong Boy, The
Dr. DoNothingDr. DoNothing
Dr. Utopia
Dreamy McMompants
Duh One
Ear Leader, The
Earth Whisperer, The
Emperor Barack I
Emperor Pen ‘N Phone
Empty Chair, The
Empty Suit, The
Empty-Suit-in-Chief, The
Errorist, The
First Gay President, The
Food Stamp President, The
Fraud, The
Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers, The
Gelding-in-Chief, The
General Zod (Kneel before him!)
Gerbil President, The
God, Jr.
Great Fraud, The
His Imperious Majesty Barack the First, President of America, Protector of the People as Long As They Know Their Place and Belong to The Right Unions, Defender of the Privileges Accrued by Attending the Right University, and Scourge of the Rich If They Don’t Contribute To The Democratic Party
His O’liness
His Phoniness
His Travesty
His “O”ily-ness
His Holiness Pinocchio Obama
Hopey-Dopey-Change Goof, The
Hopiate of the Masses, The
Hussein HopenChangen
Idiot Emperor, The
Idiot King, The
Idiot Messiah, The
Idiot Prince, The
Il Doofus
Il Douche
Il Douchebag
Il Duce The 3rd
Jackass-in-Chief, The
Jarrett’s Bitch
Jarrett’s Puppet
J.E.F. (Jug Eared F***)
Jimmy Carter 2.0
Joker, The
Jug-Eared Demigodlet, The
Jug-Eared Messiah, The
Jug Ears
Kenyan, The
Kenyan Kid, The
Kid Clueless
King Barack I
King of Barrycades, The
King Mumbo Jumbo
King Nopey Changey
King Putt
Alfred E. ObamaKing Zero
Leper Messiah, The
Liar-in-Chief, The
Lightbringer, The
Lightworker, The
Lord Hussein Obimbo
Lord Of Catastrophes, The
Lucifer’s Fluffer
Lyin’ King, The
Man-Child, The
Man-Child President, The
Marshmallow Balls
Mau-Mauer-in-Chief, The
Messiah, The
Mohammedan Mouthpiece, The
Mr. Magoobama
Mr. Potato Head
Munificent Sun-King Lightworker, The
My Main Marxist
No-Cojone Pony, The
No-Go Mojo Man, The
Nutless Wonder, The
O-cialist, The
OOO (Occupant of the Oval Office; a.k.a. “Triple O”)
Obama the Deceiver, First of His Name
Obama bin Laden
Obama bin Lyin’
Obama Won Kabuki
Obama Osama
Obama-one Yaphony
Obamessiah, The
Obammunist, The
Obie bum Kabrokie
Obi-Wan Nairobi
Obnoxious Buffoon Annoying Most Americans
Obozo the Clown
Obumbles the Clown
OediPOTUS Wrecks
Oh Bow Low
Oilslick Obama
Ol’ Jug Ears
OmniPresident, The
One Big Ass Mistake, America
One, The
One Big Awful Mistake, America
Osama Obama
Pantload-in-Chief, The
Pantywaist-in-Chief, The
Peter Pan President, The
Petulant of The United States, The
Petulant POTUS, The
Preezy Boyfriend
Preezy of the United Steezy, The
Precedent, The
Precedent Uhhhhbama (Peace be upon him)
PresiDEBT of the United States
President Ad Lib
President Asshat
President Asterisk*
President Bagels-And-Lox
President Barrycade
President Bitch
President Blame Things
President Bullworth Truthbomb
President Butthurt
President Calvinball
President Choom
President Chicken Legs
President Chip Shot
President Christ SuperstarPresident Christ Superstar
President Diapers
President Dipshit
President Divot
President Doubtfire
President Empty Chair
President Fail
President Faily McWorsethancarter
President Final Four
President Flim-Flam
President Fussybritches
President Hashtag
President Hissy Fit
President Hollywood
President Hopenchange
President Hope ‘N Grovel
President Jackwagon
President Joffrey
President Left Shark
President Lightweight
President Mom Jeans
President Nancypants
President No Balls
President No-You-Can’t-Have-That-Plan-Because-I-Don’t-Like-It-McMandates
President Nose Candy
President Pantywaist
President Pass-The-Buck
President PeeWee
President Pétain
President Pitching Wedge
President Pop Star
President Poppins
President Pot Smoke
President Precious Perfect
President Priss
President Prissypants
President Punk
President Putt-Putt
President Rambobama
President Red Line
President Ron Burgundy
President Sackless
President Santa
President Selfie
President Selfie I-Me-My-Mine
President Selfie Stick
President Selfish
President Seven Iron
President Sham Wow
President Snow(bama)
President Sputnik
President Stompy Foot
President Stompy Foot McMomJeans
President Sand Trap
President Tee Time
President Uh
Presidunce, The
Princess Fairypants
Professor Ditherton Wiggleroom
Promptee, The
Pronoun-in-Chief, The
Punk, The
Purple Lips

Grinning Obama caricature

Rainbow King, The
Red Line Rambo, The
Redistributor-in-Chief, The
Reggie Love’s Catcher
Reggie’s Sweetie
Rodeo Clown of The United States, The
SCOAMF (Stuttering Cluster**** of a Miserable Failure)
Scold-in-Chief, The
Silver-Tongued Emir of Eloquence, The
Solomon Obama
Spineless Wonder, The
Squanderer-in-Chief, The
Stain, The
Teh One
Teh Won
Teleprompter Jesus
Teleprompter of the U.S. (TOTUS)
Teletubbie-in-Chief, The
Testy McThinskinned
T.F.G. (This F***ing Guy)
Thug-in-Chief, The
Unicorn King, The
Unicorn Prince, The
Usurper-in-Chief, The
Valerie’s Bitch
Valerie’s Puppet
Waffles The Clown
Whacky Barracky
Whiny Little Bitch
Wizard of Uhhs, The