Flat out evil

If this CNN report is accurate, then the military’s got at least one ideal candidate for the death penalty.

Murder merits swift punishment. Next issue: why didn’t any officers stop this?

Eric Holder did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night

Claiming to have fired in self defense, an American border guard on duty fatally shot a Mexican citizen trying to cross into our country. In response the U.S. Attorney General is conducting … a civil rights investigation?!

Federal officials confirmed that a civil-rights investigation was opened into the shooting of Hernández, who died on the Mexican side of the river from a bullet wound to the head.
Civil-rights investigations can look into crimes committed by law enforcement officers in the course of their duties.

The video shows an encounter that begins when a group of men try to cross a border fence near the railroad Black Bridge, just west of the Paso del Norte Bridge connecting Juárez to Downtown El Paso.
A Border Patrol agent is seen arriving on a bicycle, and rocks are allegedly being thrown at the agent while he tries to detain a man on the U.S. edge of the river. The agent is seen pointing his handgun. Three gunshots are heard.
Hernández can then be seen lying on the ground at the foot of the Black Bridge on the Mexican side of the mostly dry river. It is not shown if Hernandez was throwing rocks.

Lionel HutzThere’s no way he was in America when he was shot, and then ducked back across the border before dying. People with mortal gunshot wounds to the head aren’t exactly renowned for climbing fences or crossing rivers.
The Department of Justice should definitely investigate the shooting, since the agent may have committed a crime and/or a human rights violation. But how can Holder accuse the agent of violating the dead kid’s federal civil rights? The dead kid was not an American. He was a Mexican. In Mexico. Does 42 USC § 1983 cover him too?! Apparently our top cop learned the law from Lionel Hutz.
I move for a bad court thingy.

ACORN’s corporate records in Ohio; Update: business license surrendered

Since ACORN is re-branding its less-than-stellar image these days, they’ll likely downplay or eliminate the name “ACORN” soon here in Ohio. Slapping a new label on a crooked organization might be easy, but selling property and changing leadership personnel is not. To make it harder for ACORN to crawl back under a rock somewhere, I’m linking to the Ohio Secretary of State’s online records for ACORN’s business filing information. Look for street addresses, agent names, etc.
As long as the name “Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now” is in use by an existing business or non-profit organization in Ohio, the Secretary of State’s office will also have that information. To run that query, just push this button.

Ain’t citizen journalism grand?
11:35 update: Wow. ACORN just agreed to surrender its business license in Ohio as settlement of that RICO lawsuit by the Buckeye Institute. That’s good news, but let’s be wary. Keep a close eye on what happens with these properties:
379 N. 20th
Lower Level
Columbus, OH 43203
2069 East 36th Street
Cleveland, OH 44115
1025 Central Ave Ste 3
Cincinnati, OH 45202
115 E. Market St.
RM 202
Akron, OH 44308
4945 Profit Way
Dayton, OH 45414
316 North Michigan
Toledo, OH 43624
12:20 Update: Apparently The Buckeye Institute recently split off the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law as an independent organization after the lawsuit was originally filed, so it’s the new group that gets the scalp for defeating ACORN.
12:35 Update: Matt Naugle cheers the victory, but cautions everyone to keep an eye open for the same ACORN crooks returning with different front groups.

A sudden concern for propriety

Rep. Betty Sutton called yesterday for Charlie Rangel to step down from his post on the Ways and Means Committee:

The House Ethics Committee has now determined that a violation of the ban on corporate funded travel did occur and is still considering other allegations against Mr. Rangel. I think that in order to preserve the public trust, which is of the highest priority, Representative Rangel should, at this point, step aside as Chair of the Ways and Means Committee. Our nation is facing many challenges and we must put all our energy, without distraction or question, into meeting those challenges.

It’s funny how responsive to ethical concerns a politician becomes when her seat is no longer safe.

ACORN document dump coming?

Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell recently filed a tax lien against ACORN for $548,000:

The subpoenas from Caldwell, served last month, became widely known this week. They were served on the former chief of ACORN, Wade Rathke, who now runs the offshoot Acorn International, as well as Whitney Bank, where ACORN keeps its accounts.
The subpoenas seek a broad range of information since 1998 from ACORN and what the documents say are 361 related tax-exempt and non-tax-exempt organizations:

  • All W-2 tax income reports and 1099 tax filings issued
  • A list of every employee
  • All state and federal tax returns
  • Organizational charts for every affiliate
  • All audited financial statements
  • Documents related to the theft of nearly $1 million by Rathke’s brother, Dale Rathke, who worked in the organization

Here’s a brief write-up by The Pelican Institute for Public Policy:

When you think “ACORN”, think “Obamacare”

ObamacornACORN shares office space and personnel with the Service Employees International Union. SEIU and other unions in the Big Labor alliance funnel millions of dollars to ACORN. ACORN and Big Labor lobby for the same legislation, endorse the same partisan political candidates, and work together in every other conceivable way. Members of ACORN and Big Labor pass in and out of the revolving door of the Democratic Party and the federal government. Sure, the fancy paperwork sitting on file in dusty government offices says that these organizations and people are officially separate entities, but that’s like trying to hide a 500-lb nudist under a cocktail napkin.
Progressive politicians (*cough* *cough* Betty Sutton), Big Labor and ACORN are one and the same.
When you see the news reports about the disgusting things that ACORN does, remember that those same people work for gigantic labor unions, work on the staffs of liberal Congress members, and infest the Obama administration from top to bottom. Their reckless spending outstrips any in American history, and they intend to double down. Their tax hikes hurt small businesses, who employ the vast majority of Americans. Their ridiculous regulations and economically illiterate mandates caused the housing and credit crisis, which triggered last fall’s economic crash. Their policies have driven unemployment to record highs, and will needlessly prolong the economic pain you’re feeling.
Obama is ACORN is SEIU is Project Vote is Citizens Service Inc is SorosWhen Barack Obama ran for President, he portrayed himself as a reasonable and moderate Democrat with help from the mainstream media. He is not what he claimed to be. He has always been joined at the hip to his former employer ACORN, Big Labor, and the most extreme elements of the radical left-wing fringe. He believes in their cause, wants what they want, and lies about it non-stop. He doesn’t care about “the little guy”, nor does he have your best interests at heart.
What he and his fellow smiling and soft-spoken radicals want is more power, and they’ll take your property and your liberty to get it … if you let them. The warnings were there before the election, and the warnings were right. There’s still time to stop the slide toward utter ruin.
Don’t just sit there hoping for change. Look at what that got us.
Handouts For Hookers sticker

When you think “ACORN”, think “Barack Obama.”
When you think “Barack Obama”, think “Obamacare.”

Video: latest ACORN sting in San Bernardino

For your viewing disgust, courtesy of Big Government, here’s part one:

Remember … ACORN is using your tax dollars to conduct these activities. Are you tired of this scummy group yet?

9:15 PM Update: The ACORN employee in the pink shirt is Tresa Kaelke (née Tresa Berhow, née Tresa Parten), who claims to speak regularly with politicians like California State Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod and U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer. Babs denies it, of course.

Reminder: Project Vote = Citizens Services, Inc. = ACORN

Obama is ACORN is SEIU is Project Vote is Citizens Service Inc is SorosDo you remember Project Vote’s efforts on behalf of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign? Do you remember the $832,598.29 “oopsie” of a payment from Obama’s campaign to ACORN affiliate Citizens Services, Inc.? Did you know that although Barack Obama lies about having worked for ACORN, he admits that he used to run Project Vote? Did you know that Karyn Gillette was the Development Director of Project Vote during Obama’s presidential campaign, and that she was involved in those shady deals that helped Obama win? Want more proof? Here’s all the documentation you could ever want.
Keep all of this in mind as more ACORN scandals hit the news this week.

Poor urban minorities are tax cheats, pimps, & ho’s …

… according to the not-so-subtle excuse offered by NPR blogger Frank James in defense of ACORN:

Frank JamesMeanwhile, conservatives show no signs of letting up.

It’s also important to keep in mind that ACORN’s workers are coming from the same low-income neighborhoods the organization serves, with all that entails — poor schools, high crime and the sorts of social problems that have been documented for decades.
So the flaws conservatives are pointing out about ACORN are not so much problems associated with that organization per se but more about the problems of being poor and minority in urban America.

Wow. The sheer chutzpah here is breathtaking. This isn’t proof of a problem with ACORN per se? According to his logic, every organization serving poor urban minorities (and employing same) must also be riddled with criminals. I suspect quite a few non-profits based in heavily urbanized areas would vehemently protest Mr. James’ blanket slur.
What alternate universe does he live in? In JamesWorld, we are expected to gaze in condescending pity upon community organizers advising would-be politicians how to get away with mortgage fraud, tax evasion, and child prostitution. After all, the community organizers are those people. You know what he means, right? Wink-wink, nudge-nudge … the ones who have dark skin and no money and live in the ‘hood. They don’t know any better, the poor dears.
Good Lord, what racist bilge!

9/15 Update: Maura Flynn gets it.
9/16 Update: Gregory of Yardale gets it too.

Obama’s prosecutor threatens ACORNbusters

Patricia Jessamy is the Maryland State’s Attorney responsible for Baltimore. When she heard that two conservatives went undercover with a hidden camera and busted ACORN for facilitating child prostitution, mortgage fraud, and several other scuzzy activities, she wrote them a commendation.
Just kidding. She’s threatening to send them to jail for up to 5 years.
Here’s the kicker: Ms. Jessamy contributed $1000 to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. Funny how that works.