Keep Your Care Packages and Your Ballots

Good thing big brother’s looking out for us, especially if we’re deployed with the military right now.
A group of half-wits in Fairfax County, VA decided to invent a new rule applied to Federal Write-In Absentee Ballots that stretches beyond the related state and military guidelines. To make matters worse, these requirements only apply to those ballots most widely used by members of the U.S. military and their families — this rule does not apply to any other type of absentee ballot.
We better make sure that civilians and those not currently deployed (also known as ‘folk who don’t see the most pressing military needs’) decide who will be the next Commander in Chief.
Just imagine the bumper sticker often touted : “I support the troops not the war.”
Ace form of support in this grand piece of legislation.
My new sticker: “Keep the care packages and the ballots. — Fairfax County Registrar”

RE: Video: Rush Limbaugh on the Hillary/Obama cat fight

Oh how enjoyable it is to see Democrats cat fighting, yet how sad it is that the Democratic base seems to leave these squabbles unnoticed! Some tears and Hillary wins primaries! Democrats can pull the race card anytime but Republicans are damned for the same antics (Heil Hillary!).
Media pundits will forgive any candidate’s sins so long as the campaign keeps sacred the holy writ of infanticide – er – choice. Case in point: John McCain.

Movie Review

Saw “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything.” Great movie with great values…..all except for the “help coming from above” in the form of a donkey! Come on! What about help coming from an elephant?!? What’s the Big Idea?
P.S. I appreciate the addition to my last entry with excellent points made in the replies!
P.P.S. What happened to Puddle Pirate?

Hillary in New Hampshire

Despite how ill I feel about Hillary’s victory in NH (then again, the idea of any sort of democrat victory makes me ill) I have to say, she does know how to work her constituency. She knows the #1 liberal law: no one deserves to get anywhere professionally without some sort of personal suffering. Her sham marriage aside, Hillary’s tears moved voters to recognizing how sad her life is and gave her a pity vote. Wow.

Alo adds: I couldn’t resist tacking this cartoon onto your post.
Live Free or Cry

Hillary’s Big Mistake

Who can blame Hilary for her public display of emotion yesterday? If I stayed married to sweet Bill after all of his nonsense to get me into the presidency only to fail the race and end up in a place where I’d owe him alimony, I’d cry too.

Conservatism in Hollywood

The View has a new token conservative to keep ratings alive.  Welcome Sherri Shepherd!  I love that a conservative, right-minded woman has a big role in TV but the conservative is always out numbered in situations like this.  At least Law and Order writers have some new fodder.  I’m happy that Sherri is making a large, well deserved paycheck and joins the ranks with Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Ann Coulter even if that comes with a hit sitcom condoning her demise.  She’s an outspoken conservative, which means she must be strong enough to take whatever comes her way. 


Now that HillaryCare is published, I hope all Americans will clue into how ridiculous her plan is.  This might be fun for American Health Choices Plan proponents: an ‘apple to apple comparison’: HillaryCare to Wal-Mart: BIG COMPANY (big companies are good, right libs? oh, wait government doesn’t qualify as a government), AVAILABLE (they will both be everywhere with long lines), AFFORDABLE, RELIABLE (consistently low prices, and lousy quality).  But then again, we all know how much liberals love Wal-Mart, so I’ll have to think of a new comparison…

Michael Vick

Michael Vick oh Michael Vick.  Some enormously paid pro-football quarterback set his mind to dog fighting in his spare time with his disposable income.  Gross.  Someone revoke his license to own pets…if only such a thing existed.  Rather this fool is slapped with federal felony charges.  So he pled to some random marginally related charge and may face time in prison.

So let me get this straight…abortionists run amok in this country; pro-choice supporters are hailed as American heroes.  Baby killing OK.  Dog killing worthy of ruining a career and sending the offender to prison. 

So goes arbitrary values in our society….

New to the boat

Lest the Puddle Pirate be allowed to run amok and call people members of a  “far right lunatic fringe”  I should have a forum to offer my perspective.  Albeit, my mind is far right, it is still more moonbat-ish than my just-right-of-atilla-the-hun friend the Puddle Pirate.  Who is the Puddle Pirate to accuse one of being a lunatic hailing from the far right….sounds more like the far left to me! This is just the beginning of my brain shavings!!!!! Let the party begin