Defusing the race bomb

Since we all know that the default Democrat tactic in the 2012 presidential race will be to slander all of President Obama’s critics as racists, we should be prepared to turn the tables on them. To that end, I hereby release into the public domain the following graphics to anyone and everyone to use, totally free, gratis, no rights reserved, etc.
This one is a PNG file with a transparent background:
RACIST rubber stamp -- transparent background
If you’re handy with PhotoShop you can “rubber stamp” it over any image you want, as in this example:
racist puppy
And of course, there’s the ever-so-useful Race Card; it’s perfect for pre-emptive throwing atop anything you write that dares to criticize The One:
Obama Race Card
So get busy, my fellow conservatives critics individualists racists! Our progressive betters intend to sling plenty of incendiary accusations at us no matter what we do, so we might as well start countering the meme now. Just remember … there are five R’s in RAAAAACISM!

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