U.S. military weakened by gay activists

With the passage of today’s lame duck bill, it would appear the ban on open homosexuals in the U.S. military will soon be repealed. Not long from now, it will be official military policy to endorse and celebrate homosexual behavior.
I find it interesting that none of the homosexual activists pushing this agenda of social engineering and the destruction of marriage have bothered to address what happens if things go horribly wrong, as many have predicted. If open homosexuals end up being a net burden on the military’s ability to accomplish its mission (that is, to kill our enemies and break their stuff), then how do we undo this?

  1. A simple question for progressives (#18)

    What exactly does it mean to say that homosexuals can “serve openly” in the U.S. military? Presumably behavior like this … … would be considered “too open.” Or would it? Please explain where we ought…

  2. “kill our enemies and break their stuff” wtf?

  3. What’s the military’s mission, then? Enlighten me.

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