Tribble predictions

How many House seats will the GOP gain today? Here’s the running tally of predictions from the Tribbles (listeners of the Hugh Hewitt Show who lurk in the #hhrs hashtag on Twitter):

@Mrs_ESTMR: 100
@akonsen: 80
@MongoTribble: 79
@Soopermexican: 75
@Nikkonito &amp @dirtseller: 68
@michaelbeck: 67
@hazchic: 63
@dbsnyder: 60
@JGtheSheep: 58
@strongthought: 53

At stake: bragging rights for whoever gets closest without going over, of course! As of 4 PM Eastern, the InTrade odds are hovering between 60 and 65and rising.

GOP gains 80

GOP gains 75

GOP gains 70

GOP gains 65

GOP gains 60

GOP gains 55

GOP gains 50

GOP gains 45

GOP gains 40

GOP gains 35
  1. Congress
    I put the House at +64 GOP
    Senate at GOP +11
    Governors at GOP +10

  2. Are you on Twitter?

  3. ALO.. that’s awesome! I want in on this bet! I got five bucks on the white guy! (thats my standard bet any time two caucasians are competing for something)I say 75. Still very high, but I’m hopeful. ToniMarie must be ingesting her own coketillas!!

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