Betty Sutton's current schedule


Betty Sutton as WaldoAugust 18th: Anywhere but in Columbus with Barack Obama

August 20th: $1000/plate fundraiser

August 22nd: RSVP-ONLY Volunteer Appreciation Day

August 27th: $30/plate spaghetti dinner fundraiser with union fatcats

August 32nd: Town hall meetings with constituents

September 0th: More town hall meetings

September 11th: Back to DC to stimulate the economy with more spending and pork


8/17 9:24 AM Update: Betty Sutton's staff checks in again ... but still won't explain what she's doing tomorrow instead of being seen with President Obama.

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I just asked Rep. Betty Sutton (D-OH) the following question: Concerning your vote to raise the Federal Debt Limit ... do you believe your constituents support your position? Would you do it again? How much... Read More

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